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Have a Meal with Your Children and Act Against Truancy

Added 23.01.2014

meal with childrenIn a recent report, the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has demonstrated that teenagers who regularly eat their main meals with their parents are less likely to fall victim to every school's worst nightmare – truancy. Apparently, missing lessons can additionally have a huge impact on their test results. Considering the current debate about the term-time holidays in the UK, the subject further emphasizes the role of family life in education.

Getting a Fine For a Term-Time Holiday? In England It's More Than Possible

Added 23.01.2014

term-time holidayA news piece that has recently caught the eye of a lot of journalists and media proves that the aftermath of taking your children on holiday during the school term can be more troublesome than the kids-marked holiday itself. Stuart and Natasha Sutherland were recently fined £630 for taking their children for a week-long holiday in Greece during the school term. Subsequently, the father of the family who liked vacationing too much, has sued the English government for imposing “inflexible” holiday rules on headteachers.

School Kitchens Open Up to Embrace Free School Meals in 2014

Added 23.01.2014

schools mealsThis year is the year of revolution in the kitchens at every infant and primary school across the country. The education secretary, Michael Gove, and the schools minister, David Laws, have decided that the benefits of a warm meal over packed lunch are immense and therefore have to be addressed by the English government. Their brand new policy aims to start funding school lunches by September 2014, a fact that can help schoolchildren in more than one way.