10 Best Scratch Coding Activities For Kids

scratch coding

Scratch is a visual programming language that allows children to impressively develop a wide range of projects. The projects include interactive stories, games, animations, and other activities. Kids and children can develop programs using the graphical coloured blocks, leading to developing various skill developments. 

Hence, scratch coding remains significant for beginners, and it ensures the proper way of assembling and efficiently formulating the programming logic. Scratch coding also allows children to be involved in the funniest activities that make the kids learn and enjoy.

The 10 Best Coding Activities For Kids:

Here is the list of top ten scratch coding activities for kids. Each activity is unique and allows kids to learn and enjoy the concept.

1. Geometry Dash

Geometry is a professional-level project available for kids. It is the version of the most popular rhythm-based game. The player has to jump over all the available obstacles to get as far as possible. It is an exciting activity available for kids that includes enjoyment.

2. Paper Minecraft

Paper Minecraft is a side-scrolling adventure and crafting game that uses the best of the Minecraft theme. More popular scratch games are available that use the scratch them to establish their popularity. But each game remains specific and assures complete enjoyment.

3. Mystic Valley

Mystic Valley is a highly suitable platform for games with fun graphics and icons. The game includes jumping baddies to collect the coins extending to racing until the end. It is fun playing such a game, and kids enjoy the activity to a greater extent. 

4. Appel

Appel is an exclusive example of scratch platform games. The game is a collection of coins by jumping and dodging quickly to compete with the other scratchers to get the best playtime.

5. Pokemon Clicker

Pokemon Clicker is a clicker game, and the player needs to click every Pokemon in the game. Clicking Pokemon helps increase the points so that the player can upgrade the pokeballs and increases the possibility of collecting popular Pokemon to become the best in the play. It is a fun-filled activity that kids enjoy the most. 

6. Flip 3D

It is one of the most popular puzzle games that belong to the scratch community. The player needs to move the prism around the board without falling off over a red square. The player moves to the next level by getting into the purple square. It is a fantastic game activity that kids love to participate in. 

7. Random Tycoon Thing

The game includes clicking buttons to build and sell toys by upgrading the facilities that help get a high score in this specific tycoon game. It is possible to check for the underlying codes to see if things happened in their way. 

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8. Animate a Name Platformer

It is the most popular and lovable game in this particular genre. It is possible to control all the letters in the developer’s name instead of a single character. Collect as many stars as possible and try not to lose any of the letters on the way to winning.

9. Fortnite Z

It is a shooting game style that collects weapons and tries to outlast the enemies. The player who lasts till the end is the winner of the game.

10. Ball Blast

It is one of the most popular games to play using scratch coding, where the player needs to fire the cannon into the air to break the balls before they start crushing the player. Upgrading the cannon helps in getting farther in the game.


Learning through fun is the concept of scratch coding; hence it attained popularity. It also develops creativity in children and positively strengthens their abilities and skills. The improved abilities and skills are crucial in schooling and the later stage of the career. Hence, learning scratch coding benefits children in all possible ways. 

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