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We are excited to inform that we will be assessing and allowing submissions for guest blog posts on different topic and categories.

We are seeing for attractive unique content with articles that range in topics such as: different types of UK news, Technology, Science, Business, Education, Lifestyle, and Travel.

Want to figure out an agreeable plan to serve both you and your company? Well, we recognize guest author post submissions from an extensive variety of writers and companies that will help you.

We want from our users is that they follow a few easy rules.

What We Want:

  • The article should be unique, attractive, and not been written before on another website
  • Respect other’s privacy
  • Completely researched posts with 1000+ words and actionable suggestions of every topic
  • It has to been supported by managing content wherever needed
  • Please add proper linkbacks and references
  • Content must have a unique title, subheadings, paragraphs, bullet points, informative with attractive and meaningful images to make content more engaging
  • Image must be attractive with Minimum size of 800 * 400 for featured Image. If you want to add more images in content, you can add.
  • Content must be without grammatical errors.

Every content should be formatted as below:

Title – Up to 68 – 74 characters.
Subtitle – Up to 160 – 180 characters.
Introductions – between 170 – 200 words.
Main body content – 900 – 1000 words include subheadings and bullet points wherever it is necessary.
Conclusion – Minimum 100 words.

Subjects We Cover:

Our blog aims to provide the latest news and technologies in the UK. So people can aware of all information.

Companies execute a sense of and use various digital marketing and productivity practices.

Topics Spread:

  • Technologies
  • Business
  • UK News
  • Business
  • Real Estate UK
  • Politics
  • Sports
  • Travel
  • Science
  • Education
  • Lifestyle
  • Health

Who can write for us?

We want to build clear and compelling content because our blog readers come from all platforms of life all around the world. Our blog is a famous library of information and perspicacity where people can discover and share best studies. Remember one thing when you composing your post on our blog, and you’ll build relevant content associated with your topics.

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