163 Email and It’s Interest Among Users


163 Email‘s official computing device address is This was attributed to the past where Chinese broadband users had to dial “163” to connect to the World Wide Web, before the availability of the broadband web.

Some of 163 Email‘s games embody the Westward Journey series (Fantasy Westward Journey, Westward Journey on-line II, Fantasy Westward Journey II, and New Westward Journey on-line II), as well as other completely different games, like Tianxia III, Heroes of Tang Zero and Ghost II. 163 Email jointly partners with Blizzard to control native versions of Warcraft III, World of Warcraft, Hearth Stone, StarCraft II, and Diablo III: Reaper of Souls and Over Watch in China. They’re also being known for developing their very 1st self-developed VR multiplayer online game with an open-world setting that’s termed Nostos.

163 Email & It's Interest among Users

163 Email & Its Varied Services

  • PC-client & Mobile Games: Provider of self-developed online client games to web users in China; merchandiser of games by Blizzard Entertainment; developer & publisher of mobile games.
  • Esports: Running an esports team called the Shanghai Dragons that participates within the Over watch League.
  • Internet Media: operating a network of mobile applications, services, and social communication platforms, as well as web portals with enriched content.
  • E-mail Services: Largest provider of free e-mail services in China with over 940 million users as of 2017, in addition to, the company put together runs, and heaps of. The net website accounts for 18.99 percent of email services rendered in China.
  • Youdao Products: Specialized on-line tools still as Youdao book of facts, Youdao Cloud note, and
  • E-commerce: Services available to Chinese shoppers on every desktop and mobile as well as, NetEase’s self-operated cross-border e-commerce platform, on-line video broadcasting services, and insurance merchandise.

Some of the Games It has Produced/Developed

  • PC Games: Fantasy Westward Journey II, Westward Journey Online II, New Ghost, Tianxia III, Revelation, Demon Seals, Hegemon-‐King of Western Chu, Rules of Survival.
  • Cell Phone Games: Fantasy Westward Journey for cell phones, Westward Journey on-line for cell phones, Invincible, Kung Fu Panda three mobile game, The X World, Kai-Ri-Sei Million Arthur, Chrono Blade and Hearthstone, Cyber Hunter, Survival Royale, Knives Out, Rules of Survival, Life After, Onmyoji series, Identity Vand Fort Craft.
  • Knives Out: This was produced, developed and released in the year 2017 is one among the most well-liked battle royale games, having reached over 250 million players.

Expansion of Email

163 Email launched their initial Western Headquarters in August 2014 bringing one among the most important tech companies in China to the North Yankee nation. In 2015, 163 Email North America, the San Francisco-based arm of the Chinese technology large, declared the newest funding initiative for freelance developers. Named attributable to the 163 Email Success Fund, the theme offers an alternate way to older business by providing up to $500,000 for every accepted developer to fund commerce and advertising.

What’s additional, developers awarded funding, retain the rights, artistic management, and full possession of their merchandise. In Dec 2015, 163 Email Capital Venture arm has created a $2.5 million investment into Reforged Studios, a game studio based within the capital of Republic of Finland.

The company was based in June 1997 by Chinese capitalist   Lei and grew quickly partly because of its investment in technology and massively multiplayer online role-playing game. Its initial Multiplayer Role taking part in the game developed internally was Fantasy Westward Journey. The Westward Journey series began in 2001 and includes Westward Journey on-line II.

In 2004, NetEase’s founder and chief creator won the author Infosys Business Transformation Award for his innovative use of knowledge technology. Lei became one of the wealthiest people in China once Netease was founded. In 2008, the domain attracted a minimum of variant guests annually by 2008 was found as a very reputable survey.

In 2010, 163 Email was the 28th most visited website on the earth in line with Alexa’s web rankings and in August 2010, the net page was the 27th most visited website drawing plenty of traffic than the websites of AOL, BBC, Flickr, Craigslist, Apple, CNN, LinkedIn, Adobe, CNet, ESPN.

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