Help your Child Adjust to Glasses


Are you stressed about your child’s eyesight? Do you feel concerned about them not using their glasses all the time? For most children, it is normal not to use their glasses as told by the doctors. It is the responsibility of the parents to help the child adjust to glasses.  

If your child has never worn glasses before, at first wearing glasses might seem a little odd to them. Developing this habit can be tricky for parents. Once they start feeling comfortable, you can take a sigh of relief as your job is done.

Help your Child to Adjust with Glasses

1.  Check their mood

No child in a cranky mood will let you make them wear anything and on top of that, glasses, never! When a child is in a normal mood then only you can make him understand that glasses are just as important for them as clothes.

2.  Relate to Famous Fictional Characters

Children are more likely to develop a habit if their favourite cartoon character has that. Telling children that glasses will make you look more like Harry Potter, Superman or Supergirl is an easy way to make children feel that even superheroes have to wear glasses in their everyday life, so they can wear them too. 

3.  Glasses in Children’s Favourite Colour

Glasses should be comfortable enough for children and if they are in your child’s favourite colour, chances of them wearing those spectacles increase tremendously. 

4.  Clean Your Glasses

Problems like dirt and stains will make your child uncomfortable and then they might not want to wear glasses all the time. It is your responsibility to make them realise that they should keep the glasses clean or tell you to clean their glasses.

5.  Talk Positively

Never make your children feel that glasses are a burden for them. Talking positively about the benefits of glasses and notice how it uplifts your child’s spirits.

Tell them that if they do not wear glasses then they might have dizziness, eye-strain and headaches.

Educating children about good habits can help them in inculcating those habits easily and quickly. 

If your child has a perfectly healthy vision, you should make your child wear blue light filter glasses while using digital screens. This way they can enjoy their screen time and you can also remain stress-free about their vision. Problems such as eye-strain, dry eyes and headaches can be prevented with computer glasses. These glasses help block blue light which is emitted by digital screens. Overexposure to blue rays can be harmful to health that is why blue light filter glasses are recommended.

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Blue light glasses with X blue lenses can be ordered at the website with or without a prescription for protection from the harmful blue rays.

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