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10 Ideas To Organize Baby Closet With Baby Clothes Hangers

baby clothes hangers


It’s an absolute delight to select adorable baby outfits or to get them as gifts. However, organizing baby clothes hangers could be better! Finding the best way to store baby clothing so that they remain in excellent shape and are easy to find when needed can take time and effort.

Parents who work long hours don’t have time for intricate organizational systems! Therefore, we’ve condensed the top 14 recommendations for organizing baby clothing into a single list to keep things easy.

1. Sort baby clothes into groups for hanging and folding

Baby clothing is hanging in the closet. Clothes can be kept in your baby’s nursery in one of two ways: folded in dresser drawers and storage bins or hung in a closet or wardrobe. 

Analyze your available hanging space and the amount of space in your drawers. Then, split all the clothing into two heaps so that you can ensure that each pile will fit.

2. Sort baby clothing into categories

It will be much simpler to see exactly what you have if you put your baby’s clothing in groups of the same item. As an illustration, group all the leggings together. Additionally, if you’re in a rush, you’ll be able to find them and grab them more quickly.

3. Sort baby clothing according to size

Since babies increase, you will always have a variety of sizes of the clothing on hand. The clothes they are about to outgrow are at one end of the spectrum, but you are still trying to get a few more wears out of them! The clothing at the other end is still too big, but it will fit nicely in a few weeks.

4. Set aside drawers and hangers for baby clothing

Your closet or dresser drawers will appear cleaner if you divide baby clothing into groups according to kind. Additionally, you will only have to go through a few other clothing to find onesies, socks, party costumes, or shoes.

5. Use drawer dividers 

baby clothes hangers are tiny! It usually takes up relatively little room so that it may move about within drawers. The value of drawer dividers cannot be overstated when trying to prevent chaos. You may create your baby clothing dividers out of unused or plain cardboard boxes.

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6. Mark the storage areas

Feel free to name everything in your baby’s dresser, especially in those hectic early days. Tired parents will always forget where things are in their baby’s dresser. You may create colorful labels and attach them to the front of drawers or the closet door.

7. Store any clothing you don’t need right away

Tucked under the chair, is a storage basket. Recycling clothing may preserve the ecology, and you can save a lot of money by using hand-me-downs. 

At your baby shower, you could have received a lot of brand-new clothing, but shortly after, your friends and relatives will turn up with barely worn garments from their children that they no longer need.

8. Include extra rails

Baby clothing is terrific since they are not too lengthy. This implies that you may increase the amount of storage space in a closet or wardrobe by adding a second rail beneath a standard clothes rail.

9. Use storage bins 

One of the most appealing methods for organizing baby clothing is to use storage baskets. They may be used to store toys, hair accessories, and diapers and organize baby clothing.

10. Set up the changing area

You will quickly realize that you require many more supplies than just a changing pad and diapers at the changing station. A wash basket for soiled clothing and a collection of clean garments should be kept under the changing table.


Whether you’re organizing your baby’s room or the clothes with baby clothes hangers they’ve outgrown, take a seat, kick your feet up, and savor this moment because it won’t be long before you’re back where you started.

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