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Wall Hanging Planters To Revive Your Home

wall hanging planters

If you want small Wall hanging planters to hang on the Wall of your Home or to grow a small plant in a pot. Regardless of the reason for buying wall hangings, a small wall hanging works as both a living and Wall hanging and can add to the room.  

Hanging flower pots in the balcony garden or along the main path always attracts attention. If you want to grow plants but don’t have time. Use an herbal inhaler. Not too juicy, which can enhance the appearance of your Wall Hanging Planters.

Different Types Of Wall Hanging Planters

1. 3-In-1 Bamboo Wall Planter  

Bamboo adds an interesting accent to any wall and gives the space a rustic feel. Part of Trellis International Gardens, this Trellis Bliss 3-in-1 planter is perfect for a small herb garden or hanging flower beds on a balcony wall. Its wooden frame and bamboo spice pots give it a rustic look.

2. Macrame Wall Hanging Planters 

A classic Macrame piece from Sajke, a company that creates truly high-end home décor. This Wall hanging adds art and a blooming plant. To add this piece, nail it to the Wall, partially covering the Wall.

3. “Lunar” Round Mounted Wall Planter In Violet

1 BHK Interiors offers modern décor, so we weren’t surprised to see these Wall hanging planters as a part of their collection. Hanging “Lunar” flower pots are perfect for homes with a modern look.

And we like that it’s purple, an unusual color you don’t see on many growers. The metal construction makes it durable for hanging and storing the pot because you can’t fill it directly with soil.  

4. Cotton Strings – Macramé Plant Holder/Planter 

This boho looks Pooja Ki Potli macrame plant holder comes in a set of 2. It is washable, so you don’t have to worry about it getting dusted while hanging on the balcony wall.

It was a simple farmer holding containers with sturdy cotton threads, but he looked great everywhere.  

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5. Wooden Wall Planter

Take Me Home is a simple wooden wallpaper with the word “LOVE.” This piece is perfect for outdoor use as this brand is known for its great garden options. This plant can have three succulent plants or even two flowers. This tree is a simple and great gift for a couple if that’s what you want.  

6. Wall Hanging Planter – Vertical

It offers a very modern and functional interior. And this vertical wall rack is exactly the kind of décor and furniture they make. This vertical bead is made of cast metal and can be hung on any wall. Lots of hanging parts or pots for a vegetable garden. 

This piece is perfect for your kitchen or hanging on your balcony. The best part? It comes in three colors to choose the best one for your Home. Feel free to use it for climbing stairs and hanging plants.

7. Wooden Wall Planter Stand

This Weavers Nest apartment is a great place for everyone. Hanging Wall for the garden or balcony. It is made of wood and has a beautiful design of two pots with small plants and a couple facing each other. The perfect piece to add character to your outdoor space!  

8. Wire Hexagonal Wall Shelf 

Color Palette has a hexagonal rope shelf you can hang on the Wall and use as fruit. Put the planters on the shelf and make it your dream because you can put it anywhere.

Whether you want to add plants to your bathroom wall, bedroom, home office, or outdoor space, this wireframe library works well because it is very easy to manage.  

9. Norma Wall Planter

Norma Wall hanging planters looks best if you hang them on your Home’s Wall. The metallic extensions sit in a circle, making the piece artistic and functional.

We love this piece’s gold metal and strength as it easily prevents the plant from blooming. Perfect for indoor or outdoor use and requires very little maintenance.  

10. Ian Galvanized Wall Planter 

If adding plants to your Wall means adding wall art, you must get this piece from The Purple Turtles. This metal is perfect for interior walls; we love the white and gold details. Ian’s nails add more to the Wall than just holding a plant in front of you.


Wall hanging planters are the perfect option if you have limited space for a garden at Home. You can use natural light to grow plants and vegetables in your backyard or indoors if you don’t have natural light. 

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