7 Tips For Writing Dosti Shayari 2 Lines

Dosti Shayari 2 Line

Writing Shayari is an art. It is not something that everyone can do. For being a Shayar, you must know how to see the world with a different lens. A lens which shows sarcasm, love and patriotism poetically.

There is so much that Dosti Shayari 2 Line we still don’t know about life and till our last breath, the situation is going to be the same. We will never get to know everything about the world and life.

Whatever life throws at you, you have to accept it with open arms. If you don’t do that, being a Shayar is difficult for you. Because to be one, you need to be mature enough. 

Here are the 7 tips for writing Dosti Shayari 2 Lines

  • Attend Mushairas

If you are a budding shayar and want to write Dosti Shayari in 2 lines, you must attend mushairas. In mushairas, you get to see several shayaris who are from different states and countries and recite their poems on stage. In such mushairas, you get to learn a lot about how to run your words and how to present your poems.

In mushaira, many people just come on the stage for 5 to 10 minutes and recite their shayaris in front of everyone. If you are someone who wants to write Dosti Shayari for two lines, the mushairas are just for you. When you start hearing those who are already reciting their two lines Shayari on stage you get to learn a lot from them.

  • Talk in Tukbandi

Try to talk in tukbandi. When you start talking to your parents, siblings or friends in tukbandi you start to practice your rhyming the whole day. This at the end of the day enhances your capacity for writing Dosti Shayari in 2 lines. If you want to ask for food or if you want your friends to play with you or to have a conversation with you, you must ask them in tukbandi.

Dukhbandi means rhyming the last words of each sentence. This somehow helps you to create two-liner shayaris. If you are someone who has just started to read and write shayaris, the formation of tukbandi is going to help you a lot.

  • Read Poems: You need to read:

poems and shayaris if you want to be a good shayar. When you start to read shayaris of other people you get the idea of how you can express your feelings in words on paper. Once you start doing that and practice it every day you can turn into a good shayar. Being a Shayar is not an easy thing. If you are thinking about how reading poems can help you attain a good position as a shayar?

  • Rewrite Shayaris:

You should try to rewrite the shayaris of known Shayar. With permission, you must start to write the latter lines of the shayaris that you like. Take the first line from the poem and then try to create your own version. This will enhance your writing skills. 

  • Express Your Feelings:

For being a good shayar you must know how to indulge yourself in something. This means you should feel emotions and once you start to feel your emotions in your brain and your heart as well then only you can put those feelings as words on paper. So for being a shayar, you must know how to express your feelings.

  • Radeef And Kafiya:

You should have complete knowledge about radeef and kafiya. These are the most important things when you start to write your shayaris. You must study about it and see the videos on different channels to make yourself learn about it.

  • Listen to Songs:

Listen to various songs and ghazal. This will help you to get a deep knowledge about expressing your feelings in words. The other thing that you will learn is which word is required and when.

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