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Bare Spandex

India now utilizes roughly 6000MT bare spandex per year (all of which is imported). However, compared to a global growth rate of 7%, India’s Spandex consumption is expanding at a pace of 12-14 percent each year, driven by expansion in organized retail, branded apparel, a high GDP growth rate, and a comparatively favorable consumer attitude. 

Thus, we anticipate an industry that is not only expanding dramatically in the following years as consumer buying power rises, ambitions and lifestyles lead people to seek more and better, which is precisely what bare spandex provides. It combines your garments with a better and more powerful version of yourself.

Next to which major bare spandex yarn sellers in India provide the most economical and excellent spandex yarn with perfect stretch and recovery to all core-spun yarn manufacturers. To make a stretchy yarn, yarn is wrapped with a sheath of staple fibers during the spinning process. 

Many product types are currently appropriate for Core Spinning applications and all kinds of attachments that are already accessible on the market.

Many leading core-spun yarn producers and suppliers provide the finest polyester coated spandex yarn with excellent stretch and recovery available from them. So, what’s so special about this bare spandex? Read on to know more.

What is Bare Spandex?

Spandex, also known as elastane, is a synthetic material that is recognized for its flexibility. It is more durable and stronger than natural rubber. Spandex has been used in various applications due to its flexibility and strength (it can stretch up to five times its length).

What are The Best Features of Bare Spandex?

  • ‌At several running trials, bare spandex has been seen to show a strong performance in core spinning.
  • ‌ The performance and qualities of bare spandex between the start, middle, and bottom of the spool are maintained by the uniform run-ability of Spools.
  • ‌ During spinning, the lapping behavior is also seen to be likewise regulated or decreased.
  • ‌ Ring Frame’s efficiency is high here since it can operate at high speeds without breaking.
  • ‌ Stretching and recovery in the finished cotton spun fabric are maintained with these spandex’s balancing load and unload power.
  • ‌It can also tolerate high temperatures placed on various stenters without losing its characteristics.
  • ‌The toughness of raw spandex also ensures that its features are preserved even after several washes.

Application of These Bare Yarns?

  • ‌Spandex can be found in athletic wear, swimwear, fashion clothes, hosiery, pieces of denim, socks, and shaped garments, among other places where stretch is needed for comfort and fit. 
  • ‌The great strength and flexibility of spandex, as well as its ability to return to its original shape after stretching and faster drying than typical textiles, are all advantages. 
  • ‌Spandex is frequently blended with cotton or polyester in garments and makes up a tiny fraction of the finished fabric, preserving the look and feel of the other fibers. 

Choose the Best!

With a more active lifestyle and increasing requirements in everyday life, it is more important than ever to have a fabric that complements and enriches our clothing experience. 

Thus, adding bare spandex to a fabric’s core yarn is the perfect idea since it helps the material hold its form for a more extended amount of time, increasing the worth of over a wide range of garments sellers. Thus, standing at an annual global demand for spandex yarn of more than 650,000 tonnes.

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