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Dealing with Birth Injuries after a Difficult Birth


Injuries at birth with your baby is not something that you expect at the end of pregnancy unless you have had complications and problems throughout the whole pregnancy. Coming to terms with a difficult birth that went opposite your birth plans is hard enough, but throwing birth injuries into the mix is enough to push anyone to their limits. A baby injured in labour can be serious, and it can even be fatal if medical professionals do not act quickly enough. So, what should you be doing to handle a difficult birth?

Accepting That You Cannot Change Past Events

Unfortunately, you cannot freeze time, and you cannot alter the past. The sooner you reflect on this, the sooner you will be able to move forwards with your life. Your baby has injuries as a result of a stressful and difficult birth, and you cannot change this. Acceptance is extremely difficult. However, being thankful and being appreciative for the baby in your arms will help you accept what has happened, even if this is not instantaneous.

Seeking Counselling and Speaking Up

Using your voice, sharing your experiences, and talking to others will help you in this process. You should talk to a counsellor about what has happened. Trying to brush issues and problems under the rug will get you nowhere. So, rather than being silent, take a stance, and be proud to talk and share your feelings, emotions, and experiences with others. When you speak up and when you open up, you are on the right road to recovery.

Getting Legal Advice from a  Knowledgeable Professional

Once you have accepted the situation, it is time to start looking forwards to the future. Contacting a knowledgeable professional like Diane Rostron is a positive step to make. If you want to file a claim against a hospital, or if you are seeking assistance and justice for your injured baby, then you need to make sure that you always use a trained and experienced professional. If you do not utilize a professional, then you may not end up with the result you deserve.

Taking Time for Yourself

You have bonded with your baby, and you have started to push forwards with your life, but have you taken enough time for yourself? It can sometimes be difficult to strike the right balance when you have a newborn, especially when that newborn needs you around the clock and in different ways from what you had anticipated. Having a bit of time for yourself will give you the chance to focus on yourself and on your future. If you do not carve out some time for yourself, then you will struggle with your self-identity and self-worth.

Focusing on the Future

Making plans for the future and seeing them through will help you and your family move forwards as a strong and connected unit. Yes, there will be times when days are not easy, and this may well get worse further down the line. However, if you focus on the future and on embracing what you have, your family life should be more content and fulfilled.

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