7 Delicious European Food Recipes for Vegetarians

European Food Recipes

Do you want culinary tour of Europe? If it is so, you can easily add the European taste on your dining table. There is no need to wait to go Europe mainly when you are blessed with culinary skills. Now, you can cook up all authentic cuisines of Europe. Here comes the list of best and mouth-watering European food recipes for vegetarians that you can try.

1) Cheesy Spaetzle 

This dish belongs to Germany and Austria. It is a combination of vegan cheese and onions, but you have the option of using this in numerous variations. Add the Cheesy Spaetzle with goulash or with mushroom. 

2) Betty Crocker Coq au Vin 

The Betty Crocket Coq Au Vin does not require any special dish ingredients. So, you can easily cook it. This dish requires bouquet garni which is “spice packet”. It is filled with herbs as per your preference and vegan bacon. 

3) Caprese Salad

It is a transformation from classic Italian Salad into the plant-based masterpiece. This salad consists of fresh Roma tomatoes including extra firm tofu. Doubtlessly tofu has numerous added health benefits. The blend of Roma Tomatoes and tofu makes a great mixture. 

4) Minestrone Soup 

If you are looking for the healthy Italian soup, you can consider it. With the leftover veggies at home this soup can be made in best way. The common ingredients of soup are tomatoes, beans, pasta, celery, carrots, and many more. Beside this you have the option of choosing anything which is available in your pantry. Additionally, you can also add the loaded pasta in the soup. 

5) Ratatouille 

It is a French vegetable stew that is made from tomatoes, bell peppers, eggplants, and so on. To enhance the flavor of this cuisine, you can add the herbs in it. Take a large pan and place all the veggies in it. This should be placed in oven for an hour. Additionally, you can try other food with it, such as Bread, Soup and so on. Keep the one thing in your mind, you need to keep patience to cook this vibrant dish. 

6) Greek Salad 

The best way to start summer is Greek Starter that every person should crave. It is the blend of different vegetables that you can easily find on store. The striking feature about this delicacy is its bright and zesty mixture of lemons, olive oil, garlic, and pepper. 

7) Greek Sweet Potato fries

Do you love to it French fries but think that these are unhealthy? If it is so, Greek Sweet potato fries are ideal option for you. Sweet potatoes consist of high level of vitamins, fibers, and antioxidants. This recipe consists of baking that helps in retaining nutrients. 

Final Verdicts 

So, these are the seven European food recipes that you should try if you are vegetarian. All of ingredients are easily available and you can cook these dishes without facing any issue. What you need to do is gather all the ingredients, check out the recipes, and cook or baked the food.  

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