10 Different Careers in Wind Energy Industry

Wind Energy Jobs

Wind energy is one of the industries regarded as a viable alternative to fossil fuels, with the United Nations’ yearly report on climate change making clear that renewable energies are a vital road ahead.

Recently, the output of wind energy surpassed that of coal, and through 2029, employment in renewables is anticipated to rise substantially faster than average. Consider one of the several career possibilities in Wind Energy Jobs if you want a job of the future right now.

1. Developer of Wind Farm Projects

It is a concept, a strategy, and a project before there is even a single turbine on the horizon. If you choose to join the development team for a wind farm project, you would be engaged in several phases leading up to construction.

The first steps involve picking a location, winning over the community, and requesting permissions. Working with designers, architects, and scientists could be necessary.

2. Specialist in GIS

You would create, produce, manage, and maintain digital maps that employ geographic data as a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) expert.

These maps, which are essential for site design, provide details including topography, land parcel borders, transmission lines, infrastructure, ecologically sensitive regions, and land cover.

They contain a wide range of informational elements that are crucial to wind energy.

3. Aviation Engineer

You probably picture rocket ships when you think about aerospace. However, wind turbine design is a field in which aerospace engineers may specialize.

The objective is to advance technology such that a turbine can create more energy with each rotation. A bachelor’s degree in engineering is often required for aerospace engineers, and many continue on to get a master’s or doctoral degree.

4. Engineer for Wind Energy

As a Wind Energy Jobs engineer, you would concentrate on the analysis, planning, and creation of all the mechanical devices, parts, and equipment employed in the sector.

There are several fields where technical skill is required, from electrical and energy production systems to turbines and rotor blades. You might conduct tests and investigate the aerodynamic characteristics of new designs.

You would always seek to enhance outcomes if productivity and efficiency were your main concerns.

5. Wind farm supervisor

You would be in charge of the day-to-day operations of your facility as a wind farm or wind energy operations manager.

It would be your responsibility to monitor plant operations, maintenance, and repair as well as the direction of operations for energy output and performance.

You would make sure that the machinery was maintained by your team and that the turbines produced the anticipated quantity of electricity.

6. Finance Manager at a wind farm

In addition to producing electricity, wind farms also make money. To assure profitability, you would begin at the outset as a wind farm financial manager.

In order to appropriately evaluate value propositions and prospects and report up to the Chief Financial Officer and other stakeholders, you would need to be familiar with the Wind Energy Jobs and your own firm.

7. Energy Analyst for Wind

Any wind project involves a lot of preparation. To get the most wind energy from a farm, you would work as a wind energy consultant to choose prospective site areas and where to put wind turbines.

To determine a location and make equipment selections, you would collect a range of wind, weather, and site data.

8. Inspector of wind turbines

Your primary responsibility as a wind turbine inspector is to check the facilities and blades to make sure they are operating correctly.

You will use drones to check the blades while possessing extensive understanding of wind turbine blade technology. To find performance damage and deterioration, you’ll require data analysis abilities.

9. Marketer of energy

The electricity generated by wind farms is sold by wind energy marketers. You would require in-depth understanding of the wind energy industry for this position.

Building connections, writing bids, and negotiating power purchase agreements would be part of your meetings with power purchasers like utilities. Additionally, you must acquire information about customers, rivals, and market dynamics.

10. Environmental Consultant

You might work as a consultant for renewable energy sources like wind if you have the proper training and experience.

Making advice for the installation of renewable energy systems would include working with clients. To find out the building’s current energy usage and look into renewable savings options, you might do on-site evaluations.


In the supervision of the production of rotor blades or other components, a Wind Energy Jobs is engaged. Planning design methods, producing, and testing hardware and other components are among his or her job duties.

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