Easy and Effective Ways to Convert PSD to WordPress Using Elementor and WidgetKit

PSD to HTML conversion services

If you are one of those developers who offer PSD to HTML conversion services, then you may be looking for a solution to convert PSD to WordPress.

WordPress is one of the most preferred and versatile CMS platforms. On the other hand, using a page builder such as Elementor or WidgetKit helps developers create highly functional websites from PSD to WordPress without the hassle of coding. Let’s see how!

Converting PSD to WordPress using Elementor

1) Organize Your Material

If you have a PhotoShop Design in place, then you must save for web and device options. It is useful in speeding up the page load time and keeping file size low. It is advised to create factors for images to keep things in order and preset. Once you have created a new page, you may edit it in Elementor, name the file and set the layout to Elementor Canvas.

2) Convert to Elementor

One needs to add an image that must be resized in advance. Proceed with the editing of other aspects such as position, the attachment, background overlay, and scrolling effects. Finally, edit text, set, and add a button.

3) Focus on Responsiveness

The responsive views and fitting of web designs to various screens are of paramount importance. The best method to do this is to adapt the responsive designs for responsive views after every section, as opposed to a full page. Moreover, format margins and padding at the section and columns and you will get perfect results each time.

4) Repeat at Each Section

A developer can save a considerable amount of time by repeating sections, saving complete pages as templates, and widgets as global widgets. These can later be used as a foundation for similar web pages.

PSD to WordPress Conversion with WidgetKit: 

There are many PSD to WordPress conversion services out there that will help you convert your PhotoShop Design to the CMS platform through WidgetKit. However, as a developer, you can use your best-practice methods to convert a page from one format to another. Here are the basics.

1) A Fresh Page

Start by opening a new page of the WordPress dashboard. Then choose Edit with Elementor to enter Elementor Page Builder.

Now, to convert a PSD to a WordPress theme, one must go through 3 stages: Sections, Columns, and Widgets. Sections enable you to capture the Columns. A developer can place the widgets inside Columns and manage Sections, Columns, and Widgets with their handle by clicking the edit option.

2) The Header

One needs to use an existing theme as a frame for designing templates on WordPress, otherwise, the platform adds a default template for you. You can further add logos and multiple pages by using the existing theme layout.

3) Hero Section

To convert a hero section, you need to add a background image like a PSD. Then you must add a column into a column for adding content and icons. 

4) The Inner Section

  • One can use Elementor features to add background themes and text between columns. One can also add some text and banner images within section columns.


  • The WidgetKit team vertical icon allows the developer to design the speaker section of a PSD file. So, you can add a variety of images and social site icons in various columns with names and designations. For starters, you can add a random icon from the PSD and a headline just for the time being.


  • One must know that everything cannot be done by only using Elementor. Hence, one can always use an add-on from another theme or create an add-on of your own. It is a common trick while converting a PSD to WordPress.


  • One can use the WidgetKit blog carousel element for the blog section. For different content visuals, one can add backgrounds and the ‘read more’ button as well. Lastly, for the footer section, you can opt for an existing theme such as Eventia by Themeexpert, right before the header section. 


These are all the basics that a developer aiming to provide PSD to WordPress conversion services must know. Having a clear idea about how to convert PhotoShop Design to WordPress via Elementor and Widgetkit is going to open doors for you as these are the most preferred platforms right now. So, apply this information to your advantage.

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