Great Tips for Dealing With Backdoor Hires


Backdoor hires are a major problem for many staffing and recruiting businesses. The worst part is that many recruiting firms may not even be aware that they have backdoor hires. But what exactly can you do to deal with them?

Dealing with Backdoor Hires the Right Way

Dealing with backdoor hires should always be at the top of the priority list of a staffing and recruiting business. You lose out on thousands of recruiting fees every year and you might not even realize it. Luckily there are a few great ways you can effectively deal with backdoor hires.

Prevention Is The Best Solution To Dealing With Backdoor Hires

Have you ever had to deal with a particularly messy backdoor hire case. These cases can take months to resolve and can cause you to lose more than the owed fee if you’re not careful. So a great option for dealing with backdoor hires is to prevent them entirely. 

You need to make sure you have a number of preventive measures that can keep backdoor hires to a minimum. These include having a signed contract, getting a personal guarantee, and becoming a secured creditor. These preventive measures can go a long way when it comes to dealing with backdoor hires. 

Never Take Matters Into Your Own Hands

A big mistake that staffing and recruiting businesses make is that they take matters into their own hands. You have to remember that you aren’t the only one who will use legal action in a backdoor hire case. Say the wrong thing at the wrong time and you could lose your owed fee. And in the worst case scenario, you could even get counter-sued by the group who backdoor hired one of your clients. That is why you should consider the next two options that we’ve listed down.

Have a Lawyer Help Your Resolve The Case

Having the help of a lawyer can mean the difference between a lost fee or counter suit, between successfully retrieving your fee. Professional lawyers are aware of the capabilities, and limitations of the law that they can use in your favor. Lawyers will also be able to pick apart the excuses that your debtors will be giving you and use those inconsistencies to help you succeed in getting your fee.

Call in an Experienced and Professional Collections Team

Another great alternative or addition to a lawyer is to call in a professional collections team. A professional collections team like Backdoor Hire Solutions will have decades of experience dealing with backdoor hires. Experience is important when it comes to dealing with backdoor hires because fee disputes end faster the more experienced the team you hire is. The chances that your debtor will willingly go to court with a professional collections team backing you up also plummets. So you save valuable time and money by hiring a professional team to take care of it.

Final Thoughts

Backdoor hires are a common issue for the staffing and recruiting industry, but that doesn’t mean they can become easy to deal with. With our tips in mind, you should have no issues taking care of backdoor hires and minimizing their impact on your business.

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