Growth Hacking: A Guide For Ambitious Businesses in 2022

Ambitious Businesses in 2022

You’ve probably heard of the term “growth hacking”. It’s what marketers use to describe the tricks of the trade that can help businesses rapidly grow their client and customer bases, leaving them in a position of rapid expansion that delivers high profits. In 2022, there’s an open playing field for ambitious businesses that are looking to capitalise on the market growth in the wake of the pandemic. So here are some growth hacking tips for such businesses, which should leave you with a far higher number of sales compared with the past two years.


Marketing has many different guises. One of them is SEO, which stands for search engine optimisation. Put simply, SEO is about getting your website featured higher on Google’s search engine results pages, or SERPs. The higher your business features, the more clicks, traffic and sales you’ll receive.

Given these facts, it’s clear that SEO can growth hack your firm. If you’re stuck on page three of Google’s search results, you can imagine how many more clicks you’ll get if you employ an SEO strategy for your business. Outsource to other professional services agencies if you’re looking to growth hack through SEO fast – there are many such firms out there that offer high-quality, rapid SEO boosting for businesses across the UK.


Some businesses sell to clients, not customers. These B2B firms are looking not for customers, but for other businesses to present their value proposition and to show off their products or services. If you’re such a company, then a major growth hack comes in the form of smart telemarketing, which involves calling up the key decision-makers in the businesses you’re most interested in contacting and partnering with.

Collaborating with a company such as GSA Business Development is a huge boon for businesses that feel a little stagnant and are failing to generate more leads and sales after a slack period between 2020 and 2021. Get in touch with agencies that offer fast, professional telemarketing services in order to witness what such a service can do for your firm’s growth and ambitions.


Going viral doesn’t just happens to cat videos. It’s also a concept that many companies around the world profit from on social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. To go viral is to be suddenly seen by hundreds of thousands or sometimes millions of people. It’s a huge sales generator, and its effect can last for many months after the post initially gained momentum.

It’s not easy to go viral. You’ll need an excellent social media marketing lead to decide which topics will resonate most with the public. Strategies sometimes come to nothing, but on the off-chance you do go viral, you’ll see perhaps the most momentous growth hack in the modern world. Virality can quadruple the size of your business in a very short space of time, so it’s definitely worth dabbling in, just in case you’re able to profit from a viral post.

Growth hacks are everywhere in business and industry – but the three described in this article are perhaps the most accessible and hard-hitting for ambitious firms such as yours.

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