How do Polyester and Spandex Differ?

polyester spandex pants

What is Polyester?

Polyester is an engineered yarn that is utilized for sewing and weaving. Polyester contains filtered terephthalic corrosive and mono-terpene glycol; polyester is thermoplastic, which can be dissolved and transformed. Polyester is a durable and non-stretchy material that makes it wrinkle. 

Polyester is utilized in sports shirts and jeans since they retain sweat rapidly and open you during exercise. The unique property of polyester is that this fiber can be effortlessly colored, and it holds its shape well overall. One of the weaknesses of polyester is that it is non-biodegradable.

What is Spandex?

Spandex is a feathery, fragile, smooth-produced fiber with uncommon adaptability. Spandex is made of polyurethane which has an exceptional capability to extend. For example, one can consider polyester spandex pants of how stretchable they are. The rich chain of the polymer is executed by responding polyester with diisocyanate, which includes 85% polyurethane.

 Difference between Polyester and Spandex

    • The making process for both is the initial difference; in creating polyester PET, pellets of plastics are liquefied and are allowed to pass through holes known as spinnerets to create threads, whereas spandex is made by making polyurethane react with diisocyanate.

    • Polyester is a solid and non-stretchy element; on the other hand, spandex is a simple and stretchy material and is utilized in the fitness industry a lot to make materials or activewear like polyester spandex pants, sports bras, swimming suits, and many more. 

    • In this manner, regarding expense, the principle material can raise a ruckus. Anyway, polyester and spandex are not vital to focus on and clean, with spandex being the one that cleans the least demanding. 

    • With regards to toughness, it’s an alternate story. Spandex strands are not rigid in general. With time, they will generally overstretch, implying particular contrasts between the two regarding their exhibition. Polyester is a somewhat non-stretchy and robust texture. 

    • However, spandex, then again, is extraordinarily stretchy and flexible, equipped for extending and pulling back ordinarily without harming that they begin to lose their capacity to withdraw back to the first length. 

There are particular contrasts between the two with regards to their exhibition. Polyester is a somewhat non-stretchy and robust texture, though spandex, then again, is extraordinarily stretchy and flexible, equipped for extending and pulling back ordinarily without harm.


We have seen all the properties of these materials as per all the information Spandex, otherwise called eglantine, stands its ground as one more astonishing engineered fiber with comparative flaw safe and stain-safe. 

Also, if we go by the consumers’ choice, we can see people prefer using polyester spandex pants over polyester ones as they are more comfortable and stretchable. Properties as polyester and a considerably are the more noteworthy limit regarding smooth, sans wrinkle introductions due to its predominant Flexibility. 

So we conclude that spandex is more likely to be chosen by someone, not even inactive apparel like polyester spandex pants, cycling suits, swimming costumes, etc.

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