How is Cotton Hosiery Yarn Made?

cotton hosiery yarn manufacturers

There are a lot of cotton hosiery yarn manufacturers who are making the best fabrics all over the world. Angelo Saxon word “hosa” is a designated woven cloth garment before the 16th century. These are the garments that are used for covering the lower portion of the body and especially the legs. 

Knitting was really popular, and it was also practiced to a large extent in Scotland and England. It has become a trend for knitting the leg coverings separately by your hands. These garments were known as stockings by time. And they were called socks and now called sox in many areas. cotton hosiery yarn manufacturers is now a general term that is used for various kinds of knitted legs and foot coverings. 

The knitting was originally done by hands. Then in 1589, Rev. William Lee introduced machine knitting. Then it ultimately became the universal method to produce Hosiery.

Yarns are used for Hosiery:

The original use of socks was in the form of hand-knit stockings. The refining of the knitting machine for producing silk stockings was done by Lee. The yarns are made by using different varieties of fibres. 

When you select the hosiery yarn, it depends upon the purpose for which it will be used. Different types of Hosiery are available, including dress wear to sportswear. These are for both adults and as well children. 

The yarns are also made up of filament or spun staples. Such type of yarn can easily be textured and stretched. The properties of yarns and fibres contribute to various types of Hosiery. There are several other types of fibres as well. 


Cotton is one of the perfect materials that is used for Hosiery. The reason is that it is absorbent, soft and also easy to dry. Moreover, the cotton hosiery is also durable, and it is enhanced when the manufacturers make it of lisle and mercerized yarns.


Another type of fabric from which Hosiery is made is wool. It is one of the most desirable types of Hosiery because of its warmth. Wool is highly absorbent. 


Another most important type is rayon. But they are not suitable enough for Hosiery. The main reason is that it has a high-wet modulus. There is another subtype of Rayon, and it is called Avril Prima. 

They have a permanent crimp, and they are used for making socks. This fabric is cheaper as compared to cotton and is comparatively durable. 


Acrylic is another type of Hosiery, and it provides softness and warmth. Moreover, it has great abrasion resistance as compared to wool. It can easily be spun to yarn, and it is bulked and finished for providing fairly good wicking action.


Nylon is made up of fine filament yarn or spun. The spun yarn is having abrasion-resistant, but it is not much absorbent. It is strong and also very elastic. 


Above were the fibres that are used by cotton hosiery yarn manufacturers for making amazing fabrics for Hosiery. 

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