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How to Create a Tranquil Bedroom Environment

Tranquil Bedroom Environment
Tranquil Bedroom Environment

Your bedroom is your inner sanctuary, the place where you go at the end of the day to unwind after a stressful day at work and to get your eight hours of restful sleep. However, with lots of clutter, an unmade bed, and less than appealing furniture, your bedroom can quickly become a stressful rather than restful environment. Read on to find out how you can create a tranquil bedroom environment that maximises your rest and relaxation.


Relying on a ceiling light during the night might not be the best option for promoting relaxation. They are generally brighter so that the entire room can be illuminated, which can make it more difficult for your body to wind down for sleep. Instead, opt for table lamps with low-watt eco bulbs and attractive shades that can be easily reached from your bed. You could take your relaxation one step further by adding a Himalayan salt lamp, which will both purify the air and balance the energy in your bedroom whilst emitting an attractive amber glow.


If you think that indoor plants are only for your living room, then think again: they have been proven to have some real benefits when included in your bedroom. House plants are known as air purifiers, meaning that they cleanse the air of any toxins and allergens, making for an easy breathing atmosphere. They also add an attractive bit of greenery to your bedroom and help you to relax and reconnect with nature. Consider a range of plant types and textures when creating your bedroom jungle. For example, cacti and peace lilies with a splash of orchid colour make for a beautiful and tranquil bedroom plant display.


Your bedding is important when it comes to helping you relax before bedtime. Temperature regulation is important for a peaceful night of uninterrupted sleep, so ensure that your duvet suits the time of year and your own personal body temperature; a higher tog duvet will be warmer than a lower tog. You should also find a pillow that suits your sleeping position and provides your neck with the best possible support to ensure that you do not wake up with a sore neck. By choosing the right bedding, you will be able to snuggle down in your bed and properly relax.

Carpet or rugs

Comfort is key when choosing flooring for your bedroom – floorboards might be the practical solution throughout the rest of the house, but will they really make you want to jump out of bed on a cold winter’s morning? A thick pile carpet – or rug, if you live in rented accommodation with little renovation flexibility – is an excellent flooring choice for bedrooms. It will provide insulation both from the cold, helping to keep your bedroom warm, and from outside noise. While you might think that carpets are difficult to maintain, keeping on top of them with a weekly vacuum, and choosing a darker coloured carpet, will keep it looking brand new.

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