How to Create The Perfect Dorm Room at University


In just under a couple of months, students will be returning to universities all across the United Kingdom. Perhaps you are one of those lucky students excited for what higher education will be able to bring to your life. One aspect that you might not be thinking about too much however, is the layout of your dorm room. This is something that you should definitely bear in mind as it can have a direct impression on what the other members of your halls think of you as well as having a direct impact on your mental health and being able to help you with your studies. To help you get started with creating the perfect dorm room, this essential guide has been created. Read on now for everything that you definitely need to know.

Get The Right Wallpaper

If you are able to do so, you should consider some easy-to-stick-on, easy-to-take-off wallpaper that can truly spruce your dorm room up. Cool wallpaper, which can come in so many different designs, has the ability to completely change the aesthetic of your room. You should take a look around at all the different providers in order to find some wallpaper that can make your room feel different to all the others. For a great selection, check out the services available at Soyang Europe.

Put Up Some Fairy Lights

For an intimate and lovely atmosphere, there is nothing that can beat some ambient fairy lights. They are a relatively cheap option, but if installed well they can totally change up the vibe of a room. Go to a local light shop in order to find some that will fit within your student budget.

Find Some Cool Posters

If you truly want to imprint your personality upon your dorm room, then it helps to invest in some cool posters. You can either pick posters from your favourite films or you can put up some of your favourite sports stars. Either way, they will be easy to find either online or at a market for an affordable price.

Keep It Tidy

There is nothing that puts off visitors to your dorm room more than if it is untidy. While it can be tempting to engage in student clichés and have a room that reflects a carefree personality, it actually puts people off visiting your room. To have an inviting and cool atmosphere, it’s worth organising your laundry properly. Try the 20/10 method for ultimate success. You can also buy some simple storage units online to make your room nice and clean and welcoming to guests.

Use a Cork Board

Whether it’s to hang up some of your accessories or to hang up pictures of your friends or a significant other, then there is no better option than a cork-board. Not only will it come at no extra cost to the state of your wall, but it’s a fun conversation starter that will show off your personality to any visitors.

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