How to use cardboard packaging in retail marketing? 5 interesting Facts


Cardboard packaging has revolutionized the world. It is doing amazing wonders in the retail sector. Its importance can be judged from the fact that whatever we purchase comes in some form of cardboard packaging. The use of customized options to design a cardboard box has given a special marketing advantage to the businesses. As most of the customers turn to retailers for purchasing any commodity, therefore a proper promotion of goods is essential to make the right choice. Among hundreds of similar products on retail shelves, a customer goes for the most attractive option. Cheap cardboard boxes designed professionally can make your product a bestseller. They do not only provide maximum protection to your items but also make them more appealing to the target audience. Here we are going to highlight 5 interesting facts about using cardboard packaging for retail marketing:

  1. Offer Something New and Different:

Whenever possible, experiment with an entirely new packaging concept or a brand’s presentation to grasp the attention of customers. Making customers wow for the first is the best way to establish your position in the retail environment. For this, you might choose an underserved niche or be playful with new packaging options according to meet product-specific needs. For example, for packaging frozen food items such a package is needed that retains the quality of the product and increases its useful life. In addition to traditional cheap cardboard boxes, you may use zip-lock pouches or a laminated custom box with sealed lining to provide a good barrier against oxygen. Such packaging will retain the quality of your products for a long. Going for innovative variations is always a good idea when it comes to packaging. However, it should be expanded to a broader strategy if needed. Creating a perfect balance between new packaging concepts and your brand’s marketing can help you to achieve meaningful results.

  1. Develop a Unique Story:

Thinking from a retail marketing perspective, you can use your cardboard printing box to tell a complete story about your brand. In this way, you can present your products in a better way unveiling all the necessary aspects that customers want to know. The story can be anything related to your brand values, processes, strategies, or any interesting fact about the product. Refine it until it becomes brief and concise, having a strong point of view. Make creative use of graphics, illustrations, or patterns to make your brand’s story more interesting for the customers.

  1. Create a Packaging that Adds Value:

Creativity is not limited to creating a packaging that is more functional, practical to use, easy to open, has an extended life, or turns to a new product of its own. There are several other interesting ways to add more value to your packaging design. For example, experiment with the shape of your cardboard packaging. Introduce features like fifth panels, functional flaps, special cut-outs, interior panels, inserts, windows, handles, sleeves, or any fascinating sustainability option. The flexibility of design facilitates the businesses to create engaging packaging adding more value to their products. Whether its food, clothing, electronics, or any retail commodity, greater attention is being paid to what can be done more with cardboard packaging. Is it better to satisfy a customer by shipping your product in an attractive custom box that makes them excited while opening it?


An interesting example is craft beer packaging. With more craft breweries establishing their names across the country, producers are in the search of ways that make their packaging stand out from the competitors. To achieve this, they do not only use advanced printing techniques to add to its display but also try to use the strength and resiliency of cardboard to their advantage. Most of the craft beer producers use mother cartons that are large containers designed specifically to hold beer bottles or cans. Such containers are moisture-resistant and strong enough to hold larger numbers of cans and bottles collectively. Producers can have fun with their design and display by making them more useful for consumers. Everything from removable coasters to die-cut windows and even to transforming the carton into an ice cooler can be introduced. Such packaging does not only add a superior value but also increase customer satisfaction.

  1. Highlight your Features and Benefits:

Most of the successful brands are in a constant struggle to figure out different ideas that make their cardboard packaging unique. Some of the options include using a more functional design, a folding pattern, or a combination of materials. This helps you in creating a stronger package that can compete well. Also, it is necessary to identify the needs and demands of the target market and design your packaging accordingly. For example, you can make your packaging more useful for the customers by introducing a functional shape to hold medications, pharmaceutical instruments, or cosmetic products. Create a one-page sheet that highlights the features and benefits of your products and try to incorporate them in your packaging design to make them more eye-catchy.

  1. Introduce Seasonality:

Seasonal packaging is an effective driver for retail sales. However, it should be planned well in advance to achieve the best results. Cardboard is a highly versatile packaging material that can be designed in an array of ways depending upon your choice. Just customize it according to the nature of the event and see what wonders it creates. For example, if it’s the Christmas season, design limited edition packaging boxes by using a Christmas theme. Use red and green colors with fascinating images of Christmas trees, Santa, snowman, and jingle bells to provide the true essence of the celebration. Such an attractively designed packaging does not only attracts the customers but also helps in generating sales through retail marketing.



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