Phd Degree and its Nuances – Know all the Do’s and Don’t s


India produces over 20 thousand phd scholars every year. With some of the top institutes like IIT Bombay, NIT Warangal, Savitri bhai Phule University, education, and especially higher degrees have taken a center stage in the country.  This is a 3-year degree and there are 2 ways for admission – either an entrance examination or merit-based. Now when it comes to the admission procedure, you need to share your research proposal – what research direction you are taking, what will be your approach for your thesis writing.

A recent survey by AIHSE suggested that the last 5 years have shown tremendous growth with an over 60% rise.  Thus, evident is the fact that the highest degree of the nation does open some doors for you- boosting your CVs and contributing to interest areas and more.

If you have cracked the test, and are still confused about your next step, talking to phd mentors can be a great solution. Not only will they guide you through the process but will help you finalize your research proposal agenda. Market Insight Solutions offers academic assistance for your phd from finalizing your topic to outlining your research proposal, data collection, and viva preparation.

Phd in Humanities and Social Science offers advanced research opportunities on how the modern world has been influenced by history, music, religion, and culture. While on one hand, social science deals with anthropology, politics, and archaeology the humanities deal with art, music, and literature. But in many a situation, it’s better to study them together as both subjects complement each other.

Why study Phd in Humanities and Social Sciences?

  • The skills learned during your course shall come in handy in multiple sectors – from corporate to academics
  • Your research might be able to add value addition back to society and civilization
  • This program equips you with a theoretical and a practical approach that is holistic and will certainly help you frame your thesis

Quality compromise is a hazard for your phd so keeping in mind all your university guidelines – is the best way to move forward. The best way to do your phd is by completing all your coursework in the first year, while the second year should focus on the development of tools, pilot study, and data collection. Now the third year, you should start writing your major portion of literature, while in the fourth year can rework, analyzing all the facts and how the same can be presented over in front of a panel.

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