Simple Stepwise Model for PSD to HTML Conversion Process?

PSD to HTML Conversion

In this modern world, design plays a crucial role in online business growth. Most individuals who are running their own business always look out for designing service providers to make their tasks easier and effectively communicate with customers. The majority of people say that web designing is an art where creativity comes into play. But a question arises, is it a time-consuming process? 

Yes, if you want to bring something new and unique to your website then yes you need to spend some serious amount of time to create a professional website otherwise users will not like it. Moreover, every interactive site whether it’s an information-based or an eCommerce store needs a clean and attractive interface that can be generated by using Photoshop tool only but here comes another problem; here you will learn to convert PSD to HTML servicesYou can also convert PSD to WordPress.

User Interface (UI) Designers and Front-end developers are highly demanding professionals these days and they also need to invest their time and energy in a little bit more than web designing. Thus there is a gap between the designers and the developers and we all know that gap is widening day by day. Here we can use HTML5, CSS3 techniques for the front-end development of the site so it will be easier for both types of users to share resources without interfering with each other’s work. This technique requires basic knowledge of Photoshop tool but here comes another problem;

Photoshop files are not friendly because they can cause conflicts when you try to open them with any text editor or code editor tool. So what you should do? You don’t have to worry about this task now because here we will provide you with a complete solution. So let’s discuss the simple stepwise model for PSD to HTML services conversion process so that you can easily convert your Photoshop files into clean and user-friendly HTML, CSS as well as JS files.

Discussing the Procedure to Convert PSD to HTML Services.

1) Open your Photoshop file which is going to be converted from PSD format to HTML/CSS/js format, choose File → Export menu options where you have options to change the extension of the exported file from. PSD to HTML services or if you want then you can use any other desired extension.

2) Now open this newly generated HTML file on your local computer using any text editor tool like Notepad++ or Notepad etc., but one thing; Since you are not aware of the syntax details so I suggest you use Notepad++ because it is free and very easy to handle.

3) Now copy all lines of code from this file and paste them into any online converter tool that will help you in converting these HTML codes into valid CSS stylesheets or proper JS files.

4) Once your conversion task is complete then open these newly generated CSS/JS files on browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, etc., If you find some error messages in your browser then check the whole code again with the original Photoshop file or if everything is fine without any errors in your HTML, CSS or JS file; congratulations! You have completed the PSD to HTML services conversion process.

How to Work for Clients?

1) You would need to verify files for compatibility, clear ownership, and copyright issues, etc. this is an initial stage checking process where you might need help from your developer and designer team members depending upon design and development capabilities.    

2) After receiving all the necessary details and being ready with the artwork verification, now you can go ahead with the next step which is actual website coding.

3) HTML coding and development: This is the coding phase in your PSD to HTML services conversion process where all the graphics and designs will be converted into usable and functional HTML code according to your requirement. Coding also involves reviewing/editing, testing, and debugging steps so it’s a time taking task but necessary for getting good quality output at the end of it.

4) Delivery: Once the actual website development part gets finished then you can provide desired files or pages to the customer for final review and approval. I


PSD to Html conversion is an ideal way to open Photoshop files in the code editor. The above is a list of steps to follow for .psd to HTML conversion.

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