Best Size Guide Of Cartier Love Bracelet

Cartier Love Bracelet

Cartier Bracelets the most iconic piece of jewellery charmed by people worldwide. Its sophisticated design and ingenious workmanship make it so very special.

If you want to purchase a Cartier Bracelet for yourself, you must read about the different sizes of the bracelet created by the brand. Learning about the bracelet’s fitting and size will make your decision-making process a lot easier.

There is nothing more saddening than purchasing a Cartier Love Bracelet. I am finding out that it doesn’t fit your wrist properly. Do not think about this nightmare and read through this article to find the perfect fit for you. 

The Different Sizes of Cartier Bracelet

If you look at the official website of Cartier, you will notice that both the regular as well as the small love bracelets come in several different sizes. These are: 15 cm, 16 cm, 17 cm 18, cm, 19 cm, 20 cm and 21 cm. 

No, it doesn’t matter what variant of the Cartier Love Bracelet catches your eye. You will get it in these 7 size variants. However, if you require a smaller or bigger bracelet than the official size range, you can request your retailer for the same. 

How to Measure your Wrist? 

  • To know what size of the Cartier Love Bracelet will look best on your wrist, you must measure it. You can take a measuring tape to determine your arrest’s circumference or use the Cartier Wrist Sizer. 
  • If you are unaware of the Cartier Wrist Sizer, then you need to go to the official website of Cartier and check it out. 
  • This scale can be printed out to measure out your wrist size. Take the print of the scale on an A4 size paper and make sure that you change the page scaling option to ‘none.’ You must print it out exactly as it is to get accurate readings. 
  • If you see that you are measurement does not fall exactly on size, and then take the larger size. Mind that Cartier recommends that you add 1.5 cm to the measurement of your risk that you have taken. This is to ensure the bracelet fits comfortably on your wrist. 
  • If you have purchased a bracelet, you can add or subtract 0.5 cm from this additional amount if you feel like it. It all depends upon your personal preference. Some people like the bracelet to be a bit snug, while others prefer a more comfortable state.


Having a good idea about your wrist size before purchasing any bracelet is a good idea, especially a Cartier Bracelet. After all, you will be spending a huge amount of money on getting the bracelet from this luxurious brand.

Wearing the bracelet in a perfect size will make your wrist look more elegant, and the special lock system of the bracelet will be correctly utilized.  

Take the time to figure out the perfect fit for yourself, and enjoy wearing the timeless bracelet on any occasion. 

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