Some Fears People Have With Microblading Treatment



You might have seen many of the treatments done with microblading eyebrows online. It will help one to wake up with a perfect eyebrow. Microblading comes as better technology which people would love. But then too, its new, so people might encounter some of the fears. Let’s see fears developed from people and the scenario behind them.

Fear#1: microblading will hurt much to people!

Every person has different thresholds of pain. Many people won’t suffer from any pain even if they get down with a tattoo for the first time. These people can become easily manageable. In actual treatment, experts apply the numbing cream to eyebrows. It won’t numb down the entire face. But it will safely make the large portion of the eyebrow area.

Fear#2: what if the treatment would look too dark, thick, thin etc.

This question might always last in many minds before Microblading treatment. But its not a fact. Here one needs to schedule a microblading appointment. It will take up to 2-3 hours to complete the process. For about an hour, experts would spend the time with your users, eyebrow shapes and more.

After this, experts will consult you about the intensity, colour, shape, density of eyebrows. Later, experts can make a perfect brow that will suit your face. Once you approve the shape and all, then they will indulge in Microblading it.

Fear#3: What If I don’t always want the same brow look I get in the form of microblading?

People often say that microblading comes like a tattoo method. It makes use of a micro-thin blade which can tend to overwhelm some people. However, micro blades get as a semi-permanent method. It would last with you for about 1-3 years. All thanks to the ink, which doesn’t penetrate deep into the skin.

Fear#4: Is it a tattoo?

Firstly it is almost a type of tattoo that would get substantially longer. It gets as a handheld process that has a tool with fine needles. It makes the eyebrow filled up with brows which allow for breathing in the skin.

The Microblading type of tattoo used ink or pigment, which doesn’t penetrate deep into the skin. Suppose if you are satisfied with the same brow, then you need to make regular touchups. Its because the colour of microblading would fade away as skin recycles.

Fear#5: what if the trend change and I stuck with the same odd-looking eyebrows?

Don’t worry, guys! Microblading comes as a semi-permanent method to make eyebrows full. The ink won’t enter till an inner layer of the skin. The artist makes use of the unique tool with many small needles. It will allow them to make fine stoked on the eyebrow.

It will create the condition of fine hair, which would look natural. But over time, the colour, shape would fade away. Therefore you would get back to normal within three years of treatment. Hence, you won’t get stuck in the same scenario for a longer time.


Guys! I hope you now have the clear idea to resolve down your fears with Microblading. Its really a solution to get perfect eyebrows without any makeup. Why don’t you try it now?

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