How to Get The Success With Using Bed Wetting Alarm?


How to Use It?

A bedwetting alarm is the best treatment to cure bedwetting. It should not be done without consulting a professional (perhaps the pediatrician), who is familiar with the treatment, encourages the patient, the family, and closely monitors it.

If done wrong, it won’t work, the child and family will be discouraged, and treatment may get delayed. Success requires frequent visits and the motivation and involvement of the patient, their family, and the healthcare staff.

What is Bedwetting Alarm Treatment?

It is behavioral treatment. It teaches to change the behavior of wetting the bed (before the desire to urinate during sleep) to hold urine or wake up to go to the bathroom.

What is Bedwetting Alarm?

Bed Wetting Alarm is a device that has a humidity sensor and a sound, light, or vibration emitter. When the sensor detects humidity, the emitter is triggered to wake the patient.

Models and Differences

There are different types of alarms: bed and portable. All work the same to heal, but some are more comfortable than others. You can purchase online.


The humidity sensor or detector is like a mat placed on top of the mattress. It is connected to the emitter that is usually placed near the bed.

It was the first type of alarm to be used. It has the disadvantage of triggering the system; moisture has to pass through the pajamas and the sheet. Also, it is cumbersome to transport.


They are the most recommended today. These are wired and wireless. They are small, more comfortable to use, and are usually cheaper than bedding. In most cases, the transmitter communicates with the humidity sensor through a cable attached to the pajamas.

Depending on the model, the humidity sensor is worn on underwear (inside a panty liner) or pajamas. There is also a portable wireless alarm model, making it easier for the child to move in bed without difficulty.

The humidity sensor is incorporated in special underwear, attractive to children, and the light and the sound emitter is wireless. It can be placed next to the bed, the child’s bedside table, and the parents. You have the option of connecting a vibrator under the child’s pillow, which goes off at the same time as the alarm.

When to Use The Alarm

The expert provided that it is intended to cure enuresis, and there is no significant difficulty in its use.

How is The Alarm Treatment Done?

Bed Wetting Alarm should be directed by a healthcare professional (pediatrician, other doctors, psychologists, or trained personnel). If done without professional control, it only cures 15-20%. Parents and the patient should know that the treatment can last several months.

What is Recommended to do at Home?

Do not wear a diaper to sleep. You can use a mattress protector under the sheet or better, bed pads with/without wings on top of the sheet.

Set the Bed Wetting Alarm every night. When it rings, the child or adolescent should wake up, stop urinating, unplug the system, go to the bathroom, change clothes if they have gotten wet, and reconnect the alarm before going to bed.

This requires the collaboration of the family, especially at the beginning and in the youngest children. The workload mustn’t be experienced as a punishment.

It is recommended to use a calendar or record for the control of the treatment with the alarm. It can be used in conjunction with a reward system and sometimes with medications.

Be consistent and use the Bed Wetting Alarm daily.

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