Top 11 Productivity Hacks for Remote-Working Employees


With the way the world of technology has evolved and events that have taken place in the recent past, working remotely is quickly becoming the new normal. Corporates have realized that having their staff work from home is a healthier and more cost-effective option than their physical presence as was the norm.

For this working method to succeed, however, there has to be an effective way of ensuring employees comply with the organization’s policies. Employees would still be required to adhere to regulations on weekly working hours, even when not physically present at the office and meeting their targets.

To remain effective when working remotely, here are a few productivity tips you can apply:

#1. Identify Working Hours

The flexibility and freedom that comes with working remotely can compromise the company’s working hours required to be attained. However, identifying the hours you wish to work and sticking to them will help you adhere to the organization’s requirements and enable you to meet your targets.

#2. Plan Ahead

This is the most crucial task for your day, every day. Before you start on anything, make sure you have planned for the day first. Write down a list of the things that need to be done, prioritizing them in order of importance and urgency. Ensure that you follow this to-do list religiously, ticking off each task as you go along. The planning should also include contacts of food take-aways and an online tea and coffee shop to get your tea and coffee from. You can search the online store for your tea bags, loose leaf tea, and coffee.

#3. Take That Break

Just like when working in a physical office, plan for your breaks when working remotely.  Take this time to walk around, stretch and refresh yourself by drinking tea or any other refreshment just as you would in the office. Remote working can be draining and stepping away from the workstation periodically is advisable. This helps clear the head and get back clarity.

#4. Tidy Up

Keeping your workspace tidy and organized helps you work better and find things faster. Get a comfortable desk to work on and drawers to keep away things that don’t need to be on the desk. Store your working tools in one accessible place, and you can also have a corner nearby where you keep your tea bags, coffee, sugar, and other items that you would need on your break. Get into the habit of tidying up often to avoid distractions that a messy workspace would cause.

#5. Identify Distraction Triggers

Know what your distraction triggers are and avoid them. These can be the notifications you get on your smartphone or laptop, TV and video games and should be avoided at all costs. Identify an isolated space in your home that would help you concentrate while working and set boundaries with other people within the home environment that would be potential distractions.

#6. Manage Those Chores

Carry out any chores that need to be done in the house before you start working. Pending house chores tend to be a distraction that you need to avoid while working. Break down your housework into small doable tasks that won’t eat into your time much every day, before you start work. You can also use this time to prepare any meals you would need during the day so that you don’t have to interrupt your work schedule.

#7. Manage Meetings

Even when working remotely, meetings are still a necessity. Time spent on discussions with other key players can take up time that would have been utilized in getting other tasks done. Plan for these meetings so that everyone involved is ready to start at the same time. Also, determine how long the meeting will take and stick to that time. Ensure that everyone has and follows the meeting agenda before commencement.

#8. Do Check-Ups

Remote working can easily make one solitary, and therefore it is essential to keep checking up on one another periodically. Not only will this help you keep tabs on each other, but in the process, you can exchange ideas on how to be more productive at work and in other areas. This also aids in maintaining relationships, whether personal or official.

#9. Get A Playlist

Some people work well in total silence. For others, music playing in the background calms them down, helping them work better. You can compile a playlist of music that won’t distract you and play this selection as you work.

#10. Practice Self-Care

When working remotely, you will sit in one position a lot, which may not be suitable for your health. In between tasks, take breaks to walk around and get the blood flowing. Ensure you make time to get some sunshine and fresh air and exercise in the open. Being active also increases mental alertness and helps you concentrate more. Drinking tea, mostly loose leaf tea, is a healthier option to taking coffee which is high in caffeine.

#11. Get Enough Rest

Because your workspace is at home, it would be tempting to work long hours and forget to rest. Stick to your defined working hours and get into different activities after work. You need to make sure that you get enough sleep as this helps your brain and body recharge and become productive once more.

In Conclusion

Having a productive day means that you did a good job and managed to meet your targets. However, these results should also translate to meeting your team and organizations goals and objectives. This means that you remained accountable and responsible when carrying out your tasks.

Applying these productivity hacks will help you meet these objectives without draining you or making it feel like an ordeal.

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