While living in a pandemic, where we are locked in our houses and no update on when all of this will end, movies and series have been working as a huge getaway from reality and helped us spend our time inside. OTT platforms and creators of various productions are trying so hard to continue doing their work and release things to watch which are relatable yet comforting and helpful in one way or another.

Why these sites should not be used?

Illegal sites, sound easy and with the huge factor of not paying and still watching newly released works often attract people; however, sites like Fmovies. App have been fined and have been banned from search engines which are obvious seeing the fact that they release other people’s copyrighted work without permission. Morally as well as legally, it is wrong, and people are not exactly aware of the dangerous consequences. One instant and the scariest effect of using these sites is indirectly sending an invite to viruses and hackers. Privacy can be easily invaded, and data can be accessed. While not everyone who uses these sites are sent to jail but we should realize the severity and not let them access our data; neither should we let the creators and actual owners suffer for creating innovative pieces to entertain us. The least we can do is let them gain profit and appreciation, which they actually deserve.

Alternative solutions

The OTT platforms have massively reduced the amount that needs to be paid and is thus affordable. Other legal sites are also available, along with the forever best option that is television. Even YouTube has made many things available to watch and stream. It’s easier to find help with these legal ways than keeping yourself at risk of losing privacy while searching for easy entertainment. Not exactly everyone is up for unnecessary ads in between the series or movie. Fmovies, Fmovies. App and other sites like these are known for uploading new releases within few hours of an actual, official release, and with this, they target the viewers usually aging from 15-25 years old people, but this comes as a huge loss to the production. Imagine it to be your work, then the news of leaking of that piece at the same time or before the release sometimes too. It is heartbreaking and demotivating. In a world where we are donating from money to plasma, almost everything to show our support towards each other, not being selfish and using legal means sounds ethical and nice.

Legal over Illegal should be chosen.

Sites like Fmovies and Fmovies. App have corrupted our brains and made it look like it is okay to stream and download movies there and have a wicked way of discarding the efforts of the legally trusted platforms. They have mirror sites and proxies available, and even though it looks eye-pleasing with the major factor of being free of cost, the underlying dangers of violating the law, viruses, and access to private data cannot be ignored. The promotion of these pirated materials shows how far we have gone in the path of selfishness; however, a moment to read this article and thinking might be helpful. The idea is to encourage the use of legal sites over sites like Fmovies and Fmovies. App as all they are doing is making everyone a criminal who has violated the law in the light of entertainment. Not all crimes include blood, but this is not fair to the people who put in so much effort to bring in things for our entertainment. Sites like these are known to be notorious, and even after many warnings and putting a ban on them, they still find ways to supply the pirated versions. Not feeling guilty about anything, these sites continue to exist, and thus the use of these should be discouraged to the point where they decide to retreat. One less viewer on this site will help in taking it down.

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