UK : Post covid-19 Recovery Plan Set by the Government


The United Kingdom has been dealing with covid-19 in a very effective way over the past few months. As per the government’s speech, they are set out to bring out the complete potential of the country. In a recent press conference, the queen revealed the government’s plans to deal with the post-covid-19 era over the next year.


The Queen back in Royal Duty Since Philip’s Death


The queen has been seen absent for quite some time after the saddening news of the death of the Duke of Edinburgh. This hiatus in royal duty was finally broken as she attended the State Opening of the Parliament.


This was the first showing of the queen as the head of the state and marked her first showing outside the Windsor Castle on 9th April, the day her husband died. This was the first time she attended such a meet solo as in the past; it was common to see her attend such a meet with her husband.


Ex-ambassador sent for jail time due to contempt of court


Britain’s ex-ambassador to Uzbekistan, Craig Murray, was on the trail for Alex Salmond’s sex assault case. In that trial, he was sentenced to spend eight months of jail time due to his behavior in court that made the judge pass judgment based on contempt of court. Craig Murray had watched two days of Mr. Salmond’s case trial in March 2020 from the public exhibition of Edinburgh’s High Court before publishing a blog on the procedures on his own site.


Judges hence decided that he was in contempt of court identifying with the material fit for distinguishing four of the nine ladies who blamed the previous first pastor for sexual assault.


A new plan to introduce 1960s style deposit return scheme for bottles and cans


In the queen’s recent speech, she announced that the ministers in her cabinet are working on bringing forth a deposit return scheme for plastic bottles and metal cans specifically. This is done as a small step towards the larger goal to ‘revolutionize how we recycle.’


According to this new scheme, the shoppers might be charged an extra about 20 pence for any type of drink that comes in bottles or cans. The government aims to use this scheme to improve the recycling levels and enforce a more effective litter control.

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