What does the Future of Renewable Energy Look Like?

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As we know global warming affects all the lives on earth. Changes in the weather pattern and Human beings’ health risks are seen widely in these years. For saving the planet we need renewable energy that will help in reducing global warming. Or we can say people need renewable energy recruitment to execute it better. better way. 

Furthermore, the future of renewable energy is very bright. Because America has 6 of the 10 largest onshore wind farms in the whole world. However, the United Kingdom has offshore wind farms, 6 of the 10 highest in the world. Above all, Nuclear power has been the energy source of many countries. If we talked in percentage then it would be 75%.

What is Renewable Energy? 

Renewable energy is that source which we collect through renewable sources ( natural sources). Additionally, which can naturally be replenished on a human timescale. 

For instance, geothermal heat, rain, wind, sunlight, tides and waves. And, scientists and experts are trying their best to take these things into use as much as they can. Through new technology, experts used nature’s power for heating, lighting and transportation. 

When it comes to wind it is used for boats to sail the seas and windmills. Another, the sun provides us with the warmth we need. However, humans are using cheap energy sources. 

For example, coal and fracked gas. Now, we have come to the stage where we need solar energy plates for electricity. Many people are using solar panels on homes so that they can sell power back to the grid to giant offshore wind farms.

There are many types of renewable energy sources. For example, solar energy, wind energy, hydroelectric power and so on.

What Kind of Renewable Energy Recruitment is Available? 

There are many kinds of renewable energy recruitment ( jobs) available. Such as, developing and using energy sources such as solar, wind, geothermal and biomass. These sectors need people to work with them. And the criteria for achieving renewable energy recruitment is engineering degree or scientific experts. 

Many universities are dedicated to Renewable energy so anyone who wants to do a job. Must have to do masters, apprenticeship or some additional qualifications suffice. Furthermore, you can find many renewable energy recruitments LinkedIn.

What does The Future of Renewable Energy Sources Look Like? 

On prediction, it is said that solar energy will grow 600 gigawatts by 2024. Which is double Japan’s installed electricity capacity today. Consequently, it is predicted the renewal of electricity will reach 1200 gigawatts by 2024. Which is equivalent to the US total electricity capacity.

Secondly, solar will become cheap in 2024. Not just a few percent but 35%. According to solar industry experts, the US will increase its solar installation by four million in 2023. That will be quite impressive.

Thirdly, onshore wind energy capacity will increase. The increment will be 57% by 2024. Thus, 850 gigawatts by 2024. However, offshore wind capacity will also increase. But it will be 65 gigawatts by 2024. Although, Japan is trying its best to expand wind energy.

Lastly, hydroelectric capacity will increase too. But it will increase only 9% by 2024. It’s not an easy task but experts are working hard to balance things and bring back life on earth like earlier.

Geothermal capacity will be 28%. All this is set up to do till 2024. Above all, geothermal heat pumps will exceed $2 billion in the US market. The demand for efficient heat increases day by day.

To conclude, renewable energy will continue to rise in the future. Importantly for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and edging our fossil fuels.

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