What’s in a traditional kitchen masala box

Traditional kitchen masala box

Whether you are an experienced Indian cook or a beginner, your kitchen is incomplete without the essential Indian spices. Classical Indian chefs or Indian women use the spice box in their kitchen. 

So that they can easily use that spices in their everyday dishes. This spices box is also called as a kitchen masala box. If you don’t aware of what is masala box and what is in this spices box, you come to the right place. 

Here we describe info regarding the masala box like what is it and what is in it. So read below the information and keep your masala box with the following mentioned spices. 

What is traditional kitchen masala box ? 

An Indian spice storage container known as a kitchen masala box. It is made of brass or stainless steel. There are 7 little spice cans inside the larger masala box Masala box are mostly available im circular shape. 

But in the modern era , there are also square shaped variety available in masala box. each of the smaller spice can typically includes a little spoon for the better use of spices.. They come with individual covers and are made of metallic materials in some masala box.

What is in the traditional kitchen masala box ? 

The most frequently used spices are preserved in a masala box. It is Based on whatever Indian ethnic dish you make the most. So the spice mixture storage may change on what you make everyday. 

So here we describe what common spices usually preserved in kitchen masala box. So read this spices information and fulfill your spices box with those Indian spices. 

  • Salt : 

Although salt isn’t completely a spice, it’s an essential ingredient in all cuisines. That’s why Indian women and chefs always keep this salt in the masala box. You occasionally flavor your food with some salt, turmeric, and chilli powder. So simply put some right amount of the slat in to your dishes and you get the flavourful cuisine. 

  • Cumin : 

Cumin is the most frequently used spices in masala box. The scent of roasted cumin makes your dish delicious. Cumin also help blood sugar balance and provide iron. It reduce the chance of food illness. Always remember one thing whenever you use the cumin that is it can easily burn. So whenever it burn it’s taste like bitter. So it could hurt the quality of the finished dish. 

  • Coriander powder : 

This adaptable spice gives your recipes to rich depths with a zesty flavor. It id often used Because it adds texture to cuisine and allows for savouring with each bite. Coriander and cumin often mix to provide the ideal flavour.

  • Turmeric :

 The one of the greatest often used spices in every Indian’s home is crushed turmeric. It is a vibrant and nutritious spice. It gives recipes a peppery flavour. It also has an attractive yellow tint. It has a anti inflammatory properties so that it is used in beauty treatment. Also it is add in milk and other dishes. 

  • Mustard : 

These hot and nutty seeds provide spice to a variety of dishes. When you put mustard in hot oil , they begin to crackle and pop and then it releasing their flavor. Without the mustard your dish not fully completed. 

  • Kasuri Methi

 It has a mildly bitter taste but it provides curries a delicate restaurant-style flavour. If you wanted to add them in your dish first of all mash it’s leaves so that it release the aromatic. 

They can be added as a topping to North Indian meals as well. if you’re in a hurry, you can eliminate them, but never use powdered seeds because they have a distinct taste quality.

  • Red chilli powder :

 There are numerous various kinds of Indian chilli. These varieties involve a wide range of flavour and spice levels. The spicy chillies are used to make chilli powder. You can use chilli powder in every tasty dishes also you can use it also in some cold drinks. 


The traditional kitchen masala box is an essential item in Indian is used by both experienced and beginner cooks. It is typically made of brass or stainless steel. It contains seven small spice cans with individual covers. 

The spices stored in the box vary based on the what type of dishes you make. Common spices include salt, cumin, coriander powder, turmeric, mustard, kasuri methi, and red chilli powder. These spices add flavor and depth to Indian cuisine, making them a must-have for any Indian kitchen.

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