6 Reasons Why Denim Jeans Are So Popular?

Denim Fabric

A piece that cannot be missing in anyone’s wardrobe, Dark Grey Jeans Womens are a huge success and reign supreme among the most used clothes in the world. Who doesn’t have one (or several) of them at home? More than just a garment, they are a very special style and can be combined with everything!

But do you know the secret behind the jeans? Do you have any idea why it is so popular or for what purpose it was first created? A simple and inseparable piece of clothing has a very interesting history that is worth sharing. Once you get to know her, you will have even more affection for her outfit.

Origin of the Name “Jeans”

Do you know why the name “Dark Blue Denim Jeans Womens” is? Unless you are a fashion student or very interested in the subject, you probably won’t know. This term has been around since the 1600s and was used to describe the rough fabric used to make workers’ pants. All because the cloth arrived from the region of Genoa, in Italy, and that’s why it’s called “jean”.

Weavers in the Nimes area of ​​France tried to reproduce this Denim Fabric and it also came to be known as “denim” (you must have heard that term, haven’t you?), a bastardization of the words “from Nimes”. The names of the fabric stuck and they are called that to this day. Pretty cool, don’t you think?

What Makes It So Special?

After all, what is the difference between a pair of White Jeans for Women and a pair of any fabric? You don’t need to explain much about the durability of the fabric, do you? They were developed to last a long time and are very flexible, but the main difference is not that, but the rivets that are found in many points of the pants.

Genius Idea

Jeans was invented by a man named Jacob Davis, a Latvian salesman who lived in the 19th century. He supported himself by making and selling the pieces to miners and workers. One day, a client’s wife lamented to Davis the fact that his pants often ripped and begged him to find a way to strengthen them.

A Very Successful Partnership

Strauss was a native European who had traveled to India to make his fortune. Levi had a small shop where Davis bought the material to make his pants. Reporting his problem, the merchant decided to help Jacob and it was thanks to his money that the couturier managed to patent his riveted pants in 1873.

In the same year, the duo began producing the pants on a large scale and sold two varieties of them: the Light Blue Flare Jeans (which you know today) and a slightly different type of fabric known as “duck cotton”. But the first was much more successful and the second was withdrawn from circulation.

The Jeans Boom

And how did this piece, considered as clothing for miners and workers, become so special and used by all styles? There are a lot of factors that contributed to this. 

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