Why Working in An Office Has Its Benefits


We know. It has been just over a year and a half that we have been working from home and have come to love the office-free lifestyle. Those who never thought they could make it work are happily sipping their cups of tea in their PJs before the Zoom meeting starts and are getting in a quick workout at lunch instead of having to crowd around the microwave and talk to work colleagues about how nuts the weather is because everyone already knows.

On the other hand, there are many of us who are developing a stutter from not speaking out loud for hours at a time, are behind on what is going on in the latest reality tv show even if we don’t watch it, and are becoming extremely dejected staring at our front room curtains day in day out while we can hear our next-door neighbour through the wall having a very loud game on the Xbox.

There are many benefits to working in an office – you just might have to be reminded.

A Set Productive Working Place

Having a set working place that is away from the place you are supposed to relax and unwind from work is a luxury many of us might not have realised until we didn’t have it anymore. Sure, if you are disciplined enough, you can make it work from your kitchen table, away from any source of distraction, but somehow it is just not the same as being in an environment where everyone is doing what they are set out to do. It’s that kind of energy that spurs us into action and helps us get in the right mindset.


Many of us can agree that after 18 months of saying “Can you hear me?” or “I think the connection is breaking up” at our laptop screens, the novelty of communicating and working over Zoom has certainly worn off. It just isn’t the same as being able to sit down with like-minded people and hash out some creative ideas or plans, and it is certainly more difficult if you need to teach or learn, no matter how good we have become at screen sharing. Having an office creates a space where everyone can come together and have some real-life interaction about the things they are working on, which can help inspire new ideas or put worries to rest too. Check out offices to rent in central London via The Workplace Company if you miss seeing people in the flesh.

A Work Life Balance

Funnily enough, being in the office helps us understand when it is home time. Working from home can make it extremely easy for our personal lives to bleed into our work lives and vice versa, leaving you working at 10pm on just this ‘one last thing’ when you should be watching Netflix or catching up on sleep. A work-life balance is essential, so working in a place that is only for work and having a set time to leave can help us remember that we work to live, and not the other way around.

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