4 Best Real-Time Stock Charts for Free


Many platforms and websites give actual stock charts for a minute, 5 minutes, and intraday time frames. Some of those websites and platforms even do so for free. This is a great deal for every person in the forex trading, depending on targets.

Here is a list of free charting platforms that offer free real-time stock charts.


TradingView gives actual stock charts which are visually interesting and can also be customized with lots of technical indicators. It is also a social media website. Forex traders can simply share their ideas and charts with one another. With this can, you can follow other traders, and converse about stocks and markets.

Just be careful of what and who you watch because not all sharing ideas and charts are lucrative traders.

Traders can personalize their alerts and watchlists, see which are the hot stocks, and also, directly trade from this platform by linking with a forex broker.

This app also allows you to chart stocks, indexes, bonds, forex, futures, cryptocurrencies, economic data, contracts for differences (CFDs), and global data, though futures information is delayed. You may opt paying for upgraded options which will offer more features and certified real-time stocks data and futures market worldwide.

TraderView has a wide range of market lists, economic data and indexes. You don’t need to change charting sites to view the charts from different markets.


It is one of the charting platforms which has both free and paid options. Its free capacities are pretty strong. You can do line, car or candlestick chartings with over 40, line studies and technical indicators that can be modified. The free version of this platform will only allow you to map three indicators at the same time. Information is presented either on a daily or weekly basis, but you can go back only 3 years for information except if you availed of the paid subscription.

Other disadvantages of the free version are that you cannot save your screen and the graphics are just plain and not attractive.

For Basic subscription, you can pay as low as $14.95 monthly, and if you want more whistles and bells, go for the Pro subscription for $39.95 monthly.

Yahoo! Finance

This website offers recent stocks and quotes recorded on the NYSE or New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq directories which are provided by Nasdaq Last Sale. Yahoo! Finance also provides interactive charts which are good with a range of over 100 technical indicators for you to choose from.

This website allows the traders to make an unlimited stocks list to follow and gives trading ideas every day. It also lets you connect your brokerage account to execute trades grounded on your charted approaches.

Google Finance

It’s simple to search a stock quickly on Google, but you are also capable of seeing actual charts from various markets through the finance section of Google. Though it is not as advanced as others, Google Finance gives free and simple stocks charts.

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