Why choose ACCA qualified professional for your business


Did you know that 92% of employers say ACCA-qualified professionals have the necessary skills to enhance businesses? One of the primary qualifications for those seeking a career in finance and accounting, ACCA is recognized globally with more than 219,000 members and 527,000 students across 179 countries. Choosing ACCA professional level papers will help in earning ACCA certification which is beneficial for the growth of your business.

What makes ACCA qualified professionals stand out?

ACCA-qualified professionals are trained to think strategically along with application of technical skills to drive businesses. Since ACCA is designed to be an intensive qualification, it helps the professionals develop technical and management skills that are of a Chartered Accountant.

ACCA professionals hold mastery and in-depth knowledge of taxation, professional and ethical issues, financial reporting and management. Employing an ACCA professional implies bringing in a diverse range of skill-set that would help your business grow irrespective of the sector it belongs to.

Here are some roles through which ACCA qualified professionals can add value in your business:

Accounts Payable – One of the key roles in handling the day-to-day transactions and payments of a business/organisation, an ACCA qualified professional will process invoices after thorough verification. They also handle payment disputes, run account ledgers and prepare checks for payment.

Financial Accountant – If one of the major concerns for your business is to regulate the cash flow and a keep a tab on transactions, then an ACCA-qualified financial accountant is the right fit for your requirements. They will give you a true picture of your business’s financial health by preparing financial statements which can be shared with stockholders, creditors and relevant finance authorities.

Finance manager –Entitled with the responsibility of financial analysis and management, this role involves taking crucial financial decisions, studying the market for viable investment opportunities and preparing business reports.

Corporate Treasurer– To ensure your business has the required capital to function, an ACCA qualified corporate treasurer will offer sound financial guidance on investments, mitigate risk and prepare strategic financial policies. They also handle day-to-day financial developments which involves dealing with potential & existing investors and bankers to address financial issues.

Forensic Accountant– ACCA qualified professionals bring a great deal of strategic input to a business along with their auditing and analytical skills. With this role designed to identify any fraud or visible discrepancies in the organization, it will help you understand if your financial statements, records, assets and liabilities are in good shape.

Tax specialist – To ensure your business is in sync with the tax regulatory laws and requirements, tax specialists offer advice on international and local tax laws.

In a nutshell, an ACCA qualified professional has diverse financial, accounting and analytical skills which can help your business run smoothly and maintain good financial health.

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