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A Beginners Guide to Houseplant Watering

watering can for houseplants

Your indoor plant may die due to overwatering, but it doesn’t mean you should give little water every time. I know it does sound confusing, but it isn’t. Sometimes it isn’t easy to judge how much to water or when to water considering many factors. 

You need to think about whether or not the soil is dry. If you keep your plant in the bathroom, you should think about the moisture content as the moisture will be more there. In monsoon, you cannot water the plant regularly when the humidity is more. If you are new to planting, this guide will surely help you.

When to Water the Plants?

As houseplants are not kept directly to sunlight, there is no time for watering them. Yes, you can water them in the early morning or the late afternoon, but you should not be considered this. Rather, checking the dryness of the soil is more important. 

You can dip your finger, judge the dryness, and water your plant according to it. If there are wilting leaves, you may be overwatering the plant, and if it’s brown, you are watering less. Also, when watering from a watering can for houseplants, you should keep a tray below the pot so that the place doesn’t become dirty.

How Much Should You Water?

There is no exact thumb rule for this. But you should water the plant according to the nature of the plant. Some plants love dryness like succulents and plants like prayer plants. 

Plants like aloe vera and jade plant love in between moist and dry. So, if you search a bit of your plant, you will know how much water can be given according to the nature of your houseplant.


Pot Matters

The pot where the plant is kept is essential for healthy plant growth. It should have a sound drainage system so that any excess water will flow out of it. It should not be small according to the plant’s height, nor should it be too big.

Choosing the Right Kind of Soil

Soil is like food for the plant. The right type of soil is essential. The porousness of soil will determine how much water will stay. For houseplants, it’s good to have more porous soil. Because we tend to water more when using a watering can for houseplants.

Watering the Soil

Indoor plants don’t get enough sunlight. Most of them are kept in the shade. So, when you water the leaves, there is a chance that it will cause fungal infections to them and destroy them. You need to keep in mind that you need to water the soil, not sprinkle on the leaves.


It means making small holes in the soil so that air can flow into the ground. It’s a good technique since worms are not their natural absorption of plants’ nutrition.


The tendency to keep indoor plants has increased manifold. For aesthetic purposes and nature also. Depending upon where you keep it and how you water them with watering cans for houseplants is also fellow gardeners are concerned about. A little bit of awareness, and you are good to go.

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