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The Benefits of a 491 Visa: Why it’s a Great Option for Skilled Workers?

491 Visa requirements

To lure qualified immigrants to work in regional Australia, new provisional skilled visas were established on March 20 of this year.

One of these is the Subclass 491 Skilled Work Rural Visa, which offers a route to permanent residency after three years of residing and working in regional Australia.

In addition to giving you access to Medicare, the subclass 491 visa requirements allow visa holders and their families to reside, work, and study in specific regional areas of Australia. Additionally, it offers numerous re-entry options so that you can enter and exit Australia as frequently as you like while your visa is still valid.

There are more Professions Eligible for 491 Visa Australia

You must work in one of the professions on the Medium and Long Term Strategic Skilled List to qualify for a 189 Skilled Independent Visa (MLTSSL).

Candidates for the 190 visa may access both the MLTSSL and the Short-Term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL).

The Regional Occupation Selection, which also includes the aforementioned two jobs, is available to 491 visa candidates and has a greater list of skilled vocations (ROL).

Those with 491 visas can apply for Medicare Australia

All candidates who have filed for the visa may be eligible for Medicare, which assists with the costs of visiting a doctor, receiving medications, and accessing other health services, even if the 491 visa is merely a temporary 5-year working visa with a pathway to Permanent Residency 191 visa. Medicare has coverage limitations, and not all medical costs are covered.

Before traveling, visa holders should be aware of these restrictions and weigh their alternatives for private health insurance. See the Medicare website for further details.

Geographic 491 the visa nomination process is significantly simpler than the visa 190 processes

The Australian government should continue to encourage talented immigrants to settle and work in regional Australia.

As a result, the criteria for 491 nomination are far less stringent than those for 190 visas, which persons may obtain by residing and working in major cities like Melbourne, Sydney, or Brisbane.

In order to find additional alternatives for permanent residence in Australia, those who are unable to get 190 in metropolitan regions may need to relocate to a regional location.

Both the NSW 491 and NSW 190 visas are simple to get. Take the 491 visa requirements for South Australia as an illustration: To earn 190, a chef in South Australia needs 12 months of experience.

For a 491 visa, less EOI points are necessary

Another benefit of applying for a 491 visa is that you only need to earn 50 points on your own because the state will grant you 15 points just for being nominated.

The 491 and 190 visas continue to be a source of controversy. Each visa has its own advantages, such as the 190 visa’s immediate admission to permanent residency while the 491 visa’s temporary status and potential four-year or more waiting period for Australian PR.

A person who lives and works in Melbourne, Sydney, or Brisbane but is having trouble obtaining a NSW state nomination, Victoria state nomination, or Queensland state nomination may be interested in applying for a 491 visa in a rural location of Australia.

Backlog of skilled visas following the pandemic: visas 491, 489, and 190

Due to its great popularity and the epidemic that occurred between 2020 and 2022, the 491 visa requirements processing time took longer than expected.

As of July 2022, there is a substantial backlog for skilled visas, which the labour department has identified as a skills crisis.

Concerns about the effects on applicants and companies have led the Department of Home Affairs to divert resources and hire more personnel in order to reduce the backlog of visa applications.


High living conditions and renowned academic institutions may be found in Australia. It offers skilled foreign workers several career prospects. For skilled professionals from abroad, Australia provides the 491 Visa.

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