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How can I Bring Any Family Member To Australia With Visitor Visa 600?

Sponsored family visitor visa 600

A Visitor visa 600 is a type of Family Sponsored Visa. Sponsored family visitor visa 600 permits the bearer to go to Australia for a brief period, where they may partake in leisure pursuits, pay visits to loved ones, or maybe enroll in a brief research or instruction course.

The guest has people in Australia who can essentially “attest” for them, which set it apart from a tourism visa. If you are a close friend or a family member, you may sponsor another, and they may not automatically be granted a visa just because you accept to support them.

People I can Sponsor with Family Visitor Visa 600

The following relatives may be sponsored by an Australian resident or legal citizen above 18 years: Your family members, including your grandparents Infants Husband, wife or companion, Siblings, Aunts, and uncles. The individuals of the relative’s community are including the partner of your siblings.

A person can also be sponsored to move to Australia by representatives of the parliament of Australia, Commonwealth officials, or mayors of local governments.

The sponsored family visitor visa 600 criteria

The following papers must be submitted with your family sponsorship visa application to Australia:

  • A duplicate of the individual’s passport page.
  • A current passport-size photo that complies with Australian visa photograph requirements.
  • Evidence that the application complies with Australian character standards.
  • The sponsor must fill out this application paper.
  • Form 1418 for the Funded Family Program. Before applying for these kinds of visas on paperwork, individuals of the family traveling to Australia must fill out this application. Applications submitted online don’t need to have it.
  • Sponsored family visitor visa 600 requires evidence of traveler’s health coverage.
  • A statement from the individual’s job outlining the anticipated return date would indicate that the candidate is a sincere entry. Or a statement from the individual’s school outlining the anticipated return date.
  • Welcome letter from the host.

How to Submit a Family-Funded Visa Application?

The Family-Sponsored Visa should be applied jointly by yourself and your close relative (the visitor). The Funding Form 1149 must be filled out and sent to the visitor with the other necessary paperwork for their Australian visa request. Here is a quick process instruction:

  • This type of sponsored visa completes Form 1149, Funding for Australian Visa. The document is available for online download; fill it out, then send it to the guest.
  • The guest collects the necessary paperwork for the funded relatives. The tourist registers for an ImmiAccount, uploads the documentation in digital form, and pays the visa fee.
  • After reviewing the submission, the visa authorities will provide the applicant with an email outlining the specifics and terms of the visa. There is no requirement for a visa sticker because a registry online has all Australian passports.
  • The tourist can sign into the program for Visa Entitlement Verification Online to view the terms and circumstances of the Family Funded Visa.

How long may someone with a Tourist Visa through a personal sponsorship remain in Australia?

One may remain on this provisional visa for the period and dates listed on your visa approval letter because it is provisional. Depending on “How many days will you spend” and “Why do you intend to the residence in Australia?”, the case director will assign you a remaining duration.

Just having a sponsor makes you qualify for the family-sponsored channel. You can choose an Australian government official as your sponsor or a person from your family. Similar to the tourism stream in terms of the entire registration process, but about funded family visitors. Additionally, you must prove that your child is an Australian citizen or permanent person and that you possess enough health security for your desired stay in Australia.

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