How To Purchase Class 2 Digital Signature Certificates From Authorities?


Are you looking for the authorities to purchase class 2 DSC? Well, if yes, then here you will get the information about this. Here we will discuss the documents which you should have while applying for class 2 digital signature certificate.

So, let’s move to the below section to learn about class 2 digital signature certificates.

class 2 digital signature certificate

Who needs class 2 digital certificates?

Nowadays, technology changes and the change of technology the physical signatures are also converted with digital signatures. The digital signature certificates are the electronic papers which will be helpful during online transactions. It’s one type of digital proof of your identity, and almost every organization and firms require this certificate.

There are three types of certificates class1, class 2, and class 3 digital signature. So, the class 2 digital signature certificate is available for download after the verification process. It is mostly used for filing documents and all. Anyone can use this certificate because it is highly secure and safe.

Process for applying class 2 digital signature certificate

  • Log in to the website: 

To apply this certificate, you have to log in to the website of a certified authority. Here you will find a section named “digital certification services.” Now you have to click on this and choose your entity. You can choose your entity between 2 options one is the individual second organization.

Now, after clicking on this, you will get a registration form. Download this form and take a printout of this if you are interested in the offline process; otherwise, fill-up the form.

  • Fill the necessary information:

Now, you have to carefully read the form and fill all the details. Here you have to ask to fill the class of DSC, address, validity, type GST number, Identification number, etc. You have to fill the criteria which are required. Attach your passport size picture along with this form and check one more time.

  • Proofs to submit:

To apply for the class 2 digital signature certificate, you have to submit some proofs. For this, you have to submit the identity and address proof. Both the papers should be attested.

Make sure that the signature should be visible. Now attach these documents with the application. You have to upload these papers online if you are purchasing the certificate online.

  • Payment for DSC:

You have to check a demand draft for the payment of the application of DSC. You can find the details of the local registration and certified authority according to your city. You can search for this online. Now submit this application for verification. If you are applying this online, then you can make an online payment.

  • Post your documents:

Now, take an envelope and fill all the documents such as the duly completed application form, Demand draft, and the proof of documents if you want to apply through offline. Otherwise, submit the form online.


If you are also trying to purchase this, then you can follow the above steps. By following the above steps, you can easily get the class 2 digital signature certificate. So, search for a trusted authority and connect with them for further information.

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