Top 7 Coding Language Which Your Child Should Learn

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Learning to code can seem to be a bit intimidating at a glance. It is not easy to learn something “new”, but there are plenty of chances to explore each skill out there. If you find programming languages new and hard, you’re not all. A programming language is a coded script used to note lines of principle on a widget, mostly a computer. 

Machines work in specific ways. Hence, programmers must use formal and easy-to-understand languages to offer instructions and write algorithms. 

The better your kid understands a program, the easier it’s to get the computer to do what he wants. While you can follow guidelines to accelerate your learning cycle, computer programming for kids is unlike any other interest. 

The first step to learning is choosing a language. We will talk about seven programming languages and give detailed descriptions of each. 


Visual languages like Scratch help your child form a solid basis of programming principles. It allows a kid to drag and drop a code box to create games, build apps, and animate characters. 

Scratch is a visual coding language that permits children to create interactive frolics, stories, and animations

If your kid is new to coding, we think that Scratch is the best way to get started. 


It is a procedural and object-oriented coding language. It is a well-language code, which has a huge demand everywhere. Javascript gets employed to build interactive and complex web apps. 

Though you’d find the name similar, Java is a way different from Javascript. It’s perfect for trainees who are into web designing and development. 


If your kid gets inclined towards video gaming, he will like Lua. It’s a lightweight coding language embedded in multiple apps. The language is easy enough to engage your kids.

If your kid is into-game programming, Lua is the best choice. 


Named after the comedy program Monty Python, Python is one of the easiest computer programming for kids. Partly, it relies on simplified syntax and focuses on whitespace. Python deals with fewer lines of code to start and run. Even newbies will discover it is effortless to understand. 

Companies like Disney and Google use Python, and it’s well-known in scientific fields. It’s where individuals are more scientists than programmers second. You can use the language to develop video games, numeric and scientific computing works. 

Indeed, Python Programming tutorial online is ideal for children. It is versatile enough to use in intricate fields like AI and cybersecurity. 


Despite the complexity and time needed to learn Cpp, the programming tutorial online provides a deep insight into coding. Cpp finds applications in creating system software, games, and a variety of programs. It is good for kids who want to understand programming principles. If your kid loves video games, he might take interest in Cpp too. 


It gets pronounced as C sharp and finds applications in developing third-party web applications. In terms of publicity and demand, C sharp ranks fourth. C sharp is the Microsoft clone of the programming language. 

It finds applications in the creation of web applications, games, and other programs. 


Analysts claim that 90% of the experts at Fortune 500 firms leverage Java. Hence, it is an excellent option to develop a rich understanding of coding built for years to come. It is a statically typed programming language, which means that you’d have to specify a variable type.


This guide would offer you a good knowledge of which programming language to choose. Each of the above-mentioned helps you understand coding. For more info, you can reach out to today. 

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