Top 11 Software Testing Solution Trends to Follow in 2022

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The software testing industry is in a constant state of evolution. The upgrade of tools gives rise to various trends that have an impact on the development, design, and delivery across multiple industry verticals. It is a proven fact that Software Testing Solutions enhance the quality of digital tools and the demand for such solutions is on a steep rise.

Companies are leveraging software testers and focusing on digital transformation to gain a competitive edge over others. So, let’s take a look at some of the STS trends to look out for in 2022.

The Trending Software Testing Solutions

  • IoT Testing

IoT has been in steady demand ever since the entry of 5G. Multiple types of research suggest that IoT will lead the market in the coming months. 

IoT plays an integral role in 5G technology since it supports processing connectivity speed. These days, software testers focus primarily on safety features as internet security is a major concern for IoT in healthcare, automotive, etc.

  • ML and AI Test Automation

Many enterprises are conducting test automation through machine learning and artificial intelligence as they offer many benefits. These test automation services offer cost-saving and time-saving. Hence, they are being readily accepted by many US firms.

  • Performance Engineering

Developers are giving the most significance to user experience and are making changes to optimize technology in the developmental phase. Hence, developers are making adjustments to ensure a smooth flow of experience, while test goals of performance engineering have been rolled out as a substitute for performance tests to create performance metrics.

  • Codeless Automation

IT companies are looking to gain the maximum output with the fastest turnover time. Hence, there is a huge need for codeless automation testing. These tools are built upon AI technology and optimize test cases. Hence, it saves time and keeps resources free for handling other tasks.

  • Blockchain

The technology is creating a huge buzz and is likely to cross USD 12 Billion by 2022. However, the technology is likely to face challenges for adaptation, security, costing, etc. The best solution for combating these challenges is a standard blockchain testing strategy.

  • Big Data

Companies are working on data across different volumes. Hence, a lot of attention needs to be given to details and there is no room for errors. Therefore, Software Testing Solutions such as end-to-end testing are required to avoid any chance of failure. The solution enhances business strategies, marketing tactics, and helps with data-driven decisions of products and services.

  • Cybersecurity

Cyber security with support from risk compliance is increasing awareness among industries and is increasing security measures right before SDLC. Cyber security helps to identify loopholes that are immediately addressed so that systems cannot be hacked by cybercriminals. 

  • IaC

Leading IT industries are shifting to the cloud as it offers flexibility and cost-saving. The virtual platforms have made drastic modifications in servers and the way they are used. Many tools are bound to roll into the market in the coming months and Infrastructure as Code is to manage the operations environment optimally.

  • Chatbots

We get to see these everywhere from online shopping sites to company websites. These are increasingly in demand as they reduce the need for hiring manpower across multiple service sectors. Since most companies are offering their employees work-from-home job roles, they have readily adopted chatbot support to enhance their after-sales or customer service experience through 24/7 support necessary in healthcare, shopping, banking, etc.

  • Test Automation

The Agile Model is one of the most widely used test automation methodologies as it offers excellent quality assurance and increases the pace of testing. Therefore, it has become the new sensation among industry leaders and is likely to reach the USD 30 billion mark by 2028.

  • Scriptless Test Automation

Many companies are launching multiple products at a fast pace. Scriptless Automation tools allow testers to automate reusable and robust tests by combining AI and ML algorithms as a self-healing mechanism. The solution offers consistent and reliable results and is quite user-friendly. Hence, it reduces the time and effort spent on maintenance and fills gaps at the technical level.

These trends are just the tip of the iceberg for what is to come in the future of software testing solutions. The market for such solutions is growing day after day and the advancement in technologies is set to usher in more trends in the foreseeable future. So, which trends are you going to stick with for achieving new heights in software testing?

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