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Daily Routine Before Gastric Plication Surgery – How Does it Look Like?


Wondering how to properly prepare for gastric plication surgery? Apart from in-depth medical analysis and prescribed medical supplements, there is so much more you can do. Get to know ways to make your weight-loss journey physically and mentally easier. Surgeons highlight essential steps candidates can start today.

Starting physical activity

Start with small steps and explore the physical activity you would enjoy regularly. Take it easy, but don’t limit yourself to the most popular options. Go with the choices that wouldn’t strain your joints too much. Experiment with pleasant activities: Nordic walking, pool workouts, fast walking, cycling.

See how your body reacts and stick to the most pleasant ones. After professional gastric plication surgery, you will be able to integrate more variety into exercising routine. Losing more of the excess weight means less stress for joints and the heart.

Following nutritious diet

A healthy diet is one of the criteria that determine weight-loss success. Get your mind and body ready way before the surgery. You don’t need a professional recommendation to limit junk foods, alcohol, or the number of fast carbs.

Once you’ve decided to start your journey to a more balanced life – take the initiative right away. Of course, after the nutritionist’s consultation and in-depth medical testing, you’ll deepen into the specific products and ingredients. But even then, it will be easier to adapt to the new dietary plan.

Seeking inner peace

Find activities that awaken joy and inner peace. Being able to manage stress plays a huge role in reaching the desired goal. Take a step further and tame new daily rituals – reading, meditation, yoga, long walks, breathing exercises. Whatever helps to focus your mind and beat the anxiety.

Numerous researches show that stress is highly related to long-term obesity management. By the way, don’t underestimate sufficient hours of sleep.

Once again, look at the whole picture – surgery is just a start of an enriching experience. It’s not about one-time surgery, but rather a new, life-lasting routine.

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