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What are the Important and Best Advantages of IPE Decking?

Best Advantages of IPE Decking

Despite record snowfalls in many areas of the country this winter, summer has finally arrived. Homeowners across the country happily put away their shovels and snowplows, looking forward to sunny days. Many people also plan to build new roofs or refurbish old, dilapidated roofs.

When choosing roofing materials, people are often surprised by the amount of wood and synthetic roofs available. You can almost hear collective moans. They just want to know what the best decoration materials are. Well, the favorite of builders and homeowners is the IPE wooden deck; chosen for its incredible strength, extreme durability and natural beauty. Read on to learn more about the benefits and how it applies to your project.


The Wall Street Journal calls Ipe hardwood “hard as nails” because it is one of the densest woods in the world. This rough wood surface is environmentally friendly and sustainable, naturally fire-resistant, mildew-proof and insect-proof. It also expands and contracts less than other materials. These benefits make the surface look easy to look good, will be superior to alternative deck materials, and have been for 50 years or more. That is durable!

Low Maintenance Ipe Deck

The unique dense surface of this hardwood creates a potentially very low maintenance surface. (If you want to avoid harsh chemicals and heavy work, this is good news.) After installation, just use rose oil-based products (such as Penofin) for sealing and annual cleaning with hydrogen peroxide-based cleaners To remove dirt and mold spores. If left untreated afterwards, it will be excluded from the natural silver gray. If you want to maintain a warm brown patina, just apply an extra layer of Penofin Sealer after cleaning each year.

Cool surfaces

IPE decking wood naturally retains less heat than its composite and plastic counterparts, which means that barefoot will stay cool this summer. And, because Ipe hardwood has fewer cracks than most types of softwood decks, you can also avoid having to remove painful pieces.

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