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Decorating a Bedroom on a Budget – can it be done?


If you’ve been thinking about how to redecorate your bedroom but aren’t too sure where to start, we’re here to help. From popular trends to smart ways to keep your costs down, We Buy Any House have looked at some of their favourite bedroom styles of 2021!

  1. A statement bed or headboard

Bedrooms across the country are featuring designer beds as a centre of attention; it’s no surprise when they look as stunning as they do. A statement bed can be anything from a crushed, coloured velvet frame to an ornate wooden carving style, so it gives a lot of flexibility for all tastes and preferences.

These beds tend to be a fairly expensive purchase, so for those decorating on a lower budget, there’s another way that you can achieve this trend. You can get creative and make your own headboard, slotting it behind the bed and letting you make it as personalised and as unique as you want to. Another very popular option is to simply paint a headboard directly onto the wall, which will draw attention as you enter the room straight away for a minimal cost. This way, you can pick any colour that compliments your room and pick a shape that you like the most, whether you choose the classic rectangle to more of an arched style.

  1. Exterior-inspired interiors

A lot of plants are being welcomed into the home, especially in the bedrooms of those who don’t have much access to outside space. You can achieve this style in several ways, from bringing in actual plants to incorporating flowery prints in your wallpapers and bedspreads, providing plenty of choice with something for everyone.

The added benefit of having real plants in your bedroom comes with their air-purifying qualities that several types have, providing you clean air, which can help to promote a more restful sleep as well as brightening your room up and giving it a much more welcoming feel. For anyone who isn’t interested in looking after real plants, we are seeing a lot of succulent-inspired ornaments, as well as some very pretty fake ivy vines that can be put up in different rooms – that pair perfectly with delicate strings of lights to make a wonderfully peaceful atmosphere.

  1. Minimalist

Minimalism has been an incredibly popular style for a very long time, but it’s popping up much more regularly in bedrooms for several different reasons. The last year has left us spending more time at home, meaning that a lot of us have struggled to keep on top of the cleaning, so going for a more minimalist style will reduce the amount of stuff that you’ve got at home, therefore making it easier to stay on top of organising it.

It’s also a really good choice in bedrooms for anyone who doesn’t sleep very well, as it reduces the number of distractions on offer, allowing your mind to rest more peacefully. Bedrooms have become home to all sorts of items that can disrupt our sleep cycles, from gaming consoles and televisions, to mobile phones and speakers, so redecorating your room with a more minimalistic style removes these distractions and can offer you a much better quality of sleep.

  1. Opt for complementary colours

Bedrooms are now seeing some beautiful colour pairings that offer a soft, welcoming environment, which is a perfect way to refresh the room without having to buy any new furniture and fittings. There are lots of stunning colours to pick from, but some of our favourite pairings that we’ve seen are –

  • Deep brown and navy
  • Blue and red
  • Sage and stone
  • Indigo and teal

These colour combinations strike a lovely balance of looking very pretty together while still being gentle enough to work in the bedroom – overly dark shades like black can work well in other rooms but tend to be a little harsh for the bedroom. For anyone who still wants a bright colour without being too overwhelming, feature walls are a great choice.

When you start to decorate your bedroom, looking online for inspiration one of the best ways to collect ideas and see what works best, designing your ultimate dream bedroom on any budget!

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