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Deep Cleaning your Home? Here are Four things you Might have Overlooked or Missed


Deep cleaning your home is a task that you don’t want to get wrong. You try to make sure that you have gotten every little bit of dirt, but once you have put all of your furniture back into its place and you notice that there were some areas that you missed, normally you decide it has to wait until next time.

Unfortunately, you said that last time, and the time before that as well. Chances are, you are going to end up saying that next time, too. With that in mind, there are some things to remember so you don’t end up in this dangerous cycle with anything in your house.

#1 Check your windows

Starting off with a big one, here. You need to make sure that your windows are clean. Not just the actual glass, but the frames too. The last time you probably cleaned your frames was probably just after your windows were installed but knowing where to start can be tricky. There are several in-depth guides on keeping your windows clean that can help you with this, and using them can contribute towards making sure your windows don’t give any visitors or passers-by a bad first impression.

#2 Clean your curtains

After your windows, you need to think about cleaning your curtains. It’s not something that gets done often and is overlooked frequently in cleaning regimens. Curtains unfortunately can be riddled with dust, grime, and probably a lot of other things that you don’t want to think about, especially if you have pets. You can keep this under control yourself, but the bottom line is that you should take your curtains to a professional cleaner to make sure that they are not letting the rest of your house down.

#3 Clean your rugs

Cleaning your rugs is a lot like cleaning your curtains, only it has the potential to be filled with much worse dirt. You can have bug infestations in rugs, and so much in the way of dirt and germs. As with your curtains, you’ll need to get your rugs cleaned intermittently by a professional, not just shake them out on your back step. Professional carpets cleaners have special tools that can really work the grime out of a rug, and you might be shocked to see the color change and realise just how dirty it really was.

#4 Dust your lights

Dusting your lampshades, however, is something you can do yourself. A simple regimen can stop dust from hanging around the ceiling so much too, which is a bonus. It might seem a little odd, but you should also be dusting your light bulbs, but make sure they have cooled down first. You might be surprised at how much light you have from a clean bulb, as opposed to a dirty one, and no dark spots are appearing on the wall making the rest of the room look unloved.

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