The Developer’s Ultimate Guide: Photoshop to HTML Conversion

photoshop to HTML conversion services

The web development process contains many small operations and activities that contribute to the development of the whole web page. And most of the designers use PSD files or photoshop documents for designing the web page with images, and after completing the design, they convert those PSD into HTML for other processes to create a web page. 

The conversion of PSD to HTML is not a simple process. This conversion requires more time and dedication, so many developers use various service providers for this conversion process.

Many online and offline service providers offer these conversion services, and the Photoshop to WordPress Conversion Services Sydney are also one of them. This conversion process makes web development more effective and straightforward. 

Many developers automate this process using various software, mainly for this PSD to HTML conversion. It is impossible to convert a pixel-perfect PSD from the hand-coding process. 

Steps Involved in PSD to HTML Conversion

PSD to HTML conversion involves various steps, and each stage has a unique feature that makes the process more effective and attractive. All these spets are helpful for developers who convert their PSD into HTML by themselves. Those steps are:

  • Slice the PSD
  • Directory creation
  • Write HTML
  • Create Style files
  • Web design set generation
  • Allow JavaScript interaction
  • Creating it responsive

These are the steps that involve in the process of PSD to HTML development. All these processes are part of the conversion, and each region has its unique feature in the conversion process. 

The output of all these processes is the HTML files that help create websites with attractive features and a user-interactive interface. These are some standard features that help convert the PSD into HTML. 

Slice the PSD

In this process of PSD slicing, the developers will convert the single PSD into several small slices because using a single PSD will have several disadvantages and slow down the process. 

Usage of a single PSD will reduce the website’s loading speed, consuming more time for downloading. The slices of PSD files will help the website for faster loading with high-speed download. The photoshop application contains various slicing tools, which help with the slicing process. 

  • Slices from guides
  • Fixed-size
  • Fixed aspect ratio
  • Normal

These are the slicing options available with the photoshop application, and these slicing options help developers crease small slices of PSD. After the slicing process, developers should save all the cuts of PSD in the Save for the web format. 

Many photoshop to HTML conversion services Sydney use these methods in the conversion process, and this format allows users to use it directly on the web pages. So developers can use these slices directly in the images directory.

Directory creation

The directory creation process will help the developers organize and manage the web page data. The developers can create several directories that help in the process of conversion. 

The first directory will be the main folder with the website name, Another new folder with images under the main folder. Developers can use this folder to store all the PSD in it. Along with the image folder, developers should add one more folder for storing CSS files and name the files as Styles. 

Write HTML

In this process, developers should create their HTML page. They can use various HTML page building software that provides multiple services. 

Developers should create a new file in the software and add it to the main folder with the website name. It contains various parts like Header, Hero, slideshow, Content, and Footer. 

Create Style Files

After creating an HTML shell, the developers will add various styles to the CSS. And they use a different framework like bootstrap for creating these styles. 

This process will also allow multiple personalisations according to customer requirements. Style data like font colour, size, type, and image position are available in the CSS. 

Allow Java Script Interaction

After completing the work with HTML and CSS, The developers will handle the javascript that helps the web page in various ways. This process will use different frameworks like react.Js, and Vue.js along with Jquery. And multiple additional features make the HTML responsive. 

Developers can use various frameworks like Less, fluid baseline grid, Foundation, Twitter Bootstrap, which covers the attractive PSD into effective and reactive HTML files. These are the steps that involve the conversion of Photoshop into HTML. 


This conversion process will change the standard PSD image into HTML pages with various process that helps to develop the reactive and working web pages. The photoshop to HTML conversion services Sydney and many other services provide use these steps to convert their PSD, which helps create effective HTML web pages.

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