How To Replace Your PS3 Hard Drive

How To Replace Your PS3 Hard Drive From Your Device

The PS3 won’t be warm information in the sport international anymore, however,

we can assure you in all likelihood, nonetheless has not performed 1/2 of its first-class titles, and we are nonetheless ready at the PS4 to virtually display us its first-class.

However, maximum fashions of Sony’s ultimate console do not have sufficient tough force area to keep all that many sports install. Something just like the virtual model of Uncharted three will consume up a big chew of an older PS3’s HDD.

As per Ps3 hard drive replacement Ballwin, It’s very clean to improve the tough force yourself.

Back up

Unlike the PS4, the PS3 helps you back up all of your stored video games to a USB stick in a single go, or maybe back-up nearly all your statistics earlier than throwing out the vintage HDD.

You’ll locate this selection with inside the device settings menu in settings.

Alternatively, to simply store all of your store video games, visit the sport header with inside the foremost menu, pick store statistics software after which replica a couple of to store your video games to USB.

As per Ps3 hard drive replacement Ballwin, to do all of the saves at once, though, you want a PS Plus subscription.


  • Use the flat side to pry the hard drive door open from the decrease case.

  • Take the hard drive out from the PS3.

  • Remove the blue eight mm Phillips screw securing the tough force cage to the chassis.

  • Grab the hard disk pull tab and pull the hard disk in the direction of the front face of the PS3.

  • Pull the hard disk meeting out of the PS3.

  • Remove the 4 4.3 mm Phillips screws securing the tough pressure cage to the tough pressure. These four screws can, on occasion, be very hard to get rid of. Our Screw Extracting Pliers get rid of the broken screws nicely by striping the heads.

  • Remove the difficult power from its metallic cage. If you are putting a brand new difficult power into your PS3, use this manual to repair the facts you subsidized up.

As per Ps3 hard drive replacement Ballwin, there is a different process for slim hard drives. Here it is.

  • Turn the PS3 over and lay it on its backside. 

  • Use the flat fringe of a metallic spudger for popping up the small gets admission to door on the lowest cowl close to the front of the PS3. 

  • Remove the blue Phillips screw hidden below the get admission to door.

  • Slide the hard disk bay cowl in the direction of the proper aspect of the decrease case, then pull it far from the front part to put it off from the PS3.

  • Using its connected steel handle, pull the hard drive out of its bay.

  • Remove the 4 4.3 mm Phillips screws securing the hard drive to its tray.

  • Remove the hard drive from its tray.


Removing and replacing a hard disk of a PS3 is not a very tough job.

There are two different types of hard disks present in a PS3. In this article, we talked about the steps to replace them in detail.

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