Different Screw Types and Their Uses


When you are about to do a DIY job, you are going to need to get all of your essential equipment together. There is no doubt that the screws play a central part in this. However, there are different types of screws for different jobs, so you need to ensure that you select the right one to finish what you are trying to do in the most effective manner. Here is a brief guide to give you a helping hand when it comes to selecting the right screw for the job at hand.

Hardwood Screws

First of all, you have the hardwood screws, which feature a twin thread format. They tend to be zinc plated when they are used in internal settings and are often made of brass when you need them outdoors. They are made to be easy to drive into harder surfaces of wood, but they are different from the softwood screws.

Softwood Screws

Unlike the hardwood screws that we have just talked about, these ones are in a single-thread format. They need to be able to hold their strength in position as they are on a softer surface. Not only this, but they also need a high pull-out retention. When you need to use them inside, they are often zinc plated and feature brass when you are using them outside. Ultimately, you need to know the type of wood that you are working with before you select the type of screw that is going to be most appropriate to your individual needs and requirements.

Chipboard Screws

Next up on the list of different screw varieties, we have the chipboard screws, which are in a single thread format. The reason for this is so that they maintain a high pull-out retention. On the inside, they feature a countersunk style. However, you should not use them outdoors unless they are properly covered up.

Plasterboard Screws

When you need screws that are specifically for plasterboard, they should have a point that is both sharp and piercing. They can often feature a collated style which offers a greater level of speed of insertion. Check out the range of different types available on if you have a job like this one that needs to be completed and learn more about these types of screws.

Metal Screws

So far, we have only talked about the types of screws that should be used on all sorts of wooden surfaces. However, metal screws are different in that they are designed to cut their own thread into metal. Self-tapping screws are often used on the inside, while they are often made of stainless steel outdoors due to the rust-resisting properties that this material offers.

So, when you are next about to complete a job, it is certainly worth giving the type of screw a high level of consideration before you eventually make your mind up and settle on the one that is going to do the job in the most effective manner.

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