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Simple Ways To Improve The Curb Appeal Of Your Home


When people speak about home renovations, many think about grand-scale upgrades like extensions or conversions. However, even making small changes to the exterior of your home can have a huge impact on its aesthetics and improve its curb appeal.

If you’re looking for some cheap and simple ways to breathe life back into your house and add a little sparkle, read on for some quick-fix changes and refurb ideas that won’t break the bank.

Repaint or refinish your front door

One of the first things visitors to your house see is your front door, so if it’s looking dull, tired or run-down, consider stripping back old paintwork to give it a bright new colour. Alternatively, you could remove old paint and refinish the original woodwork underneath.

Invest in door surrounds

Upgrades to your front door don’t just need to be limited to paint or woodwork. If you really want to make an impact, think about adding door surrounds to completely change the look and feel of your door. Adding some decorative door pilasters to the area around your front door will entirely update its look and add interesting detail.

Add window boxes

If you’re looking for the ultimate budget upgrade that will change the overall impression of your home, you won’t go far wrong with window boxes. Adding boxes with plants to the windows around your home will add a much-needed splash of colour in an instant with minimal financial outlay.

Install pathway, doorway or gate lighting

Installing lighting on pathways, doorways or paths will make your home look instantly more appealing and welcoming. There is now a huge range of decorative lighting available from most garden or DIY stores that are easy to install and won’t push your budget.

Upgrade door handles, letterboxes, signage, etc

One of the least expensive ways to change the impression of a door is to replace handles, letterboxes or door signs, etc. New hardware is available from DIY and garden stores and can instantly refresh your front door and its surrounding area.

Paint your home’s exterior

Depending on the material on the exterior of your home, just a fresh coat of paint could completely change its overall impression. Just be sure to choose hard-wearing paint suitable for exteriors and the often harsh outdoor weather.

Add shutters to windows

Even something as simple as adding shutters to your existing windows will work wonders in terms of changing the look of your home. Consider making them yourself or buy them from a supplier. You could even look at painting the shutters in colours sympathetic to the rest of your home for that added stylish touch.

Plant perennial flowers around your home

Although strictly speaking not the exterior of your home, adding perennial flowers will add year-long colour to your garden to help brighten even the darkest of winter days.

Perennial flowers tend to be considerably lower maintenance and much more resilient than seasonal plants, meaning you won’t be lumbered with the excessive responsibility of caring for them.

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