Garden Edging Ideas You Can Try


Garden edging might not seem a significant detail, but when it comes to practicality and aesthetics, it is vital to the look of your garden. A well-installed edging will be instrumental in keeping grass and weeds out of your garden. It will also keep plants and mulch contained – which will subsequently result in a finished and polished look.

Selecting the most suitable material for this process is essential for attaining the ideal look and ensuring that you don’t go above budget. A lot of people don’t consider edging their garden beds, which results in their garden looking bare and unfinished. Yes, not edging your garden will most likely not affect your plants, but it will certainly ruin the look of your garden. It will take a bit of extra work to complete, but it is worth it.

  1. Sharp-Edged Lawn

The angular corners and straight edges of this design are quite plain, but they give off a strong look. This style is modern as well as minimalist, making use of only stone slabs and turf to create a sleek appearance. Real or artificial turf can be used to create this look, with proper maintenance paramount to keeping it in pristine condition.

A vital aspect of this design is the lushness and fullness of the grass. Thin or patchy lawns won’t be able to pull off this look. Lawn edging tools are likely needed to successfully achieve this sharp-edged lawn. Legacy garden edging could help with this.

  1. Curved Stone Path

This look is different from the regular straight edges that are normally found in gardens. Its unique look also ensures that your garden will stand out – especially if most of your neighbours decided to opt for the regular edges (or none at all).

To be able to create this style, you will have to find curved edging bricks. You should be able to get them in garden centres or big DIY stores. If you’re serious about going through with this, then the design itself isn’t that hard to achieve. Just dig a trough around the edges of the lawn (using the edging bricks’ width as your framework). After this, lay the bricks on top of the sand.

  1. Grey Gravel Border

This design makes use of grey gravel pebbles when making a distinction between the lawn and the walkway. As well as it being beautiful to look at, it also comes with another purpose; it acts as a barrier that will discourage people from stepping onto the lawn. This sole measure is very important in the proper maintenance of any lawn.

For this look to be achieved, you must dig a trench between the path and your lawn. After this, line it with protective sheeting that will stop weeds from growing. You should then fill the space with pebbles.

  1. Budget Brick Edge

This edging style is a practical solution to adding some definition to the areas of your garden – even while on a budget. The bricks can be cheaply bought and the tools that you will need are likely already in your possession.

Also, minimal skill is needed to attain this look. This means that this style can be completed by you over a weekend. That way, you can save money as opposed to hiring a landscape gardener or contractor.

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