Comprehensive Guide to PRINCE2 Project Resource Management

Guide to PRINCE2 Project Resource Management

Project management is the discipline of planning and managing resources for the completion of a project. Although many people have the idea that it involves only planning and structure around projects; it is actually a more complex and comprehensive process for all functional areas of a business. As on a prince 2 Foundation training birmingham.

The most common and view as the most important component of project management is what is called scope definition. The scope definition is the process that determines the target audience, the business outcomes that the project needs to satisfy and the resources required to achieve the outcomes. The scope definition should then be adjust based on the requirements of the project.

Project Management Scope

Because the scope definition is the main point of discussion in most projects, it is also the most likely to get the most publicity. When it comes to the scope definition of any project, the initial business case and the business case will establish why the project was started? What the expected outcomes are and also what the expected costs will be (per concept and per project)? This is generally called the cost benefit analysis.

The scope definition must be complete. Projects must be started that will have a good idea of the benefits and costs, but not one in which the benefits exceed the costs, or the project will fail. The average project takes between one to three years to complete.

First year is the optimal period for beginning a project. The rule of thumb that the project manager should always comply with when planning and setting objectives, and which the project manager or business owner must follow is to set a one year beginning date for the project and keep to it unless the estimate requires a more aggressive time-frame.

Can key decision point be made with meaningful data? Did the report meet the business case? Did the figures include all needed cost information? Do the figures include your assumptions, and if so how did you make them?

Are the key decision points in the business case quantified in a reasonable manner? Can key decision points be quantified by common sense?

Do you have a plan in place before writing your report?

If you are planning on using a third party service for project management, have you made room in your budget for that service? Does it have high quality resources including the required staff and budget to complete it? Have you gone to ground level and looking at the detail work? Does the reporting service produce reports as a matter of course?

Having given it a good thought process, the next question to answer is how do you define the key decision points? Focus on the airports and headlines of the reports will help you answer this question. Are you looking at what you need to know? Or are they looking to sell you something?

The Final Thing I Can Do as a PRINCE2 PM

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